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We proudly introduce LOBBY:DC

Just because Ryan Gosling isn't lobbying with us on November 16 doesn't mean we can't remind people that he took part in our lobby day in 2007.

We always have something up our sleeve, and true to form, we’ve arranged a bonus to accompany our MOVE:DC event. On November 16th, the day before MOVE:DC, we will be meeting at the U.S. Capitol to LOBBY:DC and demand that Congress takes immediate, concrete action to help stop the LRA. Did we mention the plan is to [...] Read More

Teacher Exchange: meet Patrick

Patrick does the math in his classroom at Gulu High School

  “It’s great to see students who start with lots of problems improving,” Drago Patrick, a mathematics and geography teacher at Gulu High School, says. By partner teaching with Teacher Exchange educators who have come to Uganda in the past, Patrick says that he has learned to be more patient with his students. “It has [...] Read More

MOVE:DC – it’s all in the details


We want you to be as informed as possible about MOVE:DC. Every ounce of information we have can be found on our website but sometimes you just want to watch a video to learn all the hows & whys (provided above). And sometimes you want the staff writer to write a blog about the details [...] Read More

19 things to stop doing in your 20s

The Buried Life

We have written about The Buried Life multiple times. One could assume that we’re obsessed, and we wouldn’t necessarily counter that claim. They recently posted the below list on their Tumblr and it’s swept through our office like wildfire. Read, be enlightened, weep, smile, sigh, and pass it on. 19 Things To Stop Doing In [...] Read More

I’m going to MOVE:DC – Hannah Jones

hannah jones invisible children 1

Hannah Jones is, admittedly, one of my best friends. More relevant than that to this blog post, however, is her dedication to Invisible Children and her willingness to sacrifice to end LRA violence and secure justice for Joseph Kony. Hannah is one of 5,000+ attending MOVE:DC on November 17. She is making the journey across [...] Read More

Sky Ferreira: “Sad Dream” Video

Picture 3

Our interest in Sky Ferreira is at an all-time high following her stunning performances at CMJ in New York City this month. Lucky for us, the music video for the opening track off her EP Ghost is being graciously shared with the world. The video is as cool as the song – a beautiful, folk-pop [...] Read More

The eye of the storm

Hurricane Sandy

Over 9,000 flights have been cancelled, subways are closed, people have emptied grocery stores, boarded up their windows, and generators have been purchased. Hurricane Sandy is bringing the wind, predicted to reach upwards of eighty miles per hour by tonight. Damage has already begun, starting from North Carolina and moving up through Maine. The worst [...] Read More

Taylor Swift is saving the (my) world

Taylor Swift

I have so much work to do. But I absolutely have to put it all on hold so I can write a blog post (read: write a love letter) about Taylor Swift. My love affair with Taylor begin in 2006 with her song Tim McGraw. Life-changing, I tell you. Since then, I have memorized every lyric [...] Read More

Attempted murder of DRC healer and hero

Dr. Denis Mukwage

Last Thursday evening, Congolese humanitarian Dr. Denis Mukwege narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in his hometown of Bukavu in southeastern DR Congo. Returning home from a visit to Europe, a group of four to five gunmen took Dr. Mukwege’s daughters hostage and killed one of his bodyguards. Capturing the attention of humanitarians worldwide, Dr. Mukwege’s work with Physicians for Human Rights and [...] Read More

Horlick High School is on the MOVE


Horlick High School is officially on the MOVE. After our Midwest Roadies visited the Racine, Wisconsin school to screen our new film, the students got so pumped about MOVE:DC that the principal helped to arrange an overnight field trip to Washington DC for the November 17th event. The 56-passenger deluxe motor coach has been chartered, [...] Read More