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Our Come Home for the Holidays campaign is in full swing and 100% of your donations fund our “Come Home” messaging programs. One such program is FM Radios which broadcast unique messages to target LRA groups directly, encouraging them to escape and giving detailed instructions to do so safely.

Several Invisible Children staff members make up the team working on our ‘Come Home’ programs. Two major contributors are Malamu and Ashby.

Hi Malamu!

Hi Malamu!

Malamu Georges Atibasay is Invisible Children’s FM Radio Engineer. He is currently overseeing the construction of Radio Communautaire Tambwahe in Banda, Democratic Republic of Congo and building a new studio for Radio Zereda in Obo, Central African Republic. Malamu also supervised the construction of Radio Tangazeni Kristo in Dungu, DR Congo, which now broadcasts ‘Come Home’ messages daily.

Hi Ashby!

Hi Ashby!

Ashby Patrick is Invisible Children’s Regional DDR/RR Officer, based out of the Regional Office in Kampala, Uganda. His main focus is DDR sensitization strategies. Ashby facilitates the recording of ‘Come Home’ radio messages from regional leaders to LRA combatants, coordinates the reintegration and fulfillment of needs of defectors, and assists with family tracing for reinsertion purposes.

Our goal for this holiday season is to raise $100,000 that will fund 2,500 square kilometers of added FM radio coverage (as well as fund 100,000 defection fliers, and 2 regional office staff that will focus on our FM and defection flier projects.)  By supporting our “Come Home” Messaging programs, you are helping to bring lost family members home for the holidays. And they thank you in advance.

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