Monday Mini Mixtape aprilTWO

Happy Monday! Time for a lil mixtape. Each track here has it’s own specific quality that’ll make you take notice. Obviously there’s a ton of stellar songs being discovered every day, but these particular ones have a “special something”, making them stand out in a string of songs. In that case, when they’re put in [...] Read More

Artist Ambassador Noah Gundersen // Performance for NPR’s Mountain Stage

Noah Gundersen NPR Mountain Stage

We were thrilled to see that Noah Gundersen and his sister Abby performed on Mountain Stage for NPR Music this week… and you should be too. Why you ask?

Monday Mini Mixtape: aprilONE

For the first Monday Mixtape of April I present you with some exciting discoveries. All these tracks are unique in their own way– though they all have a bit of dreaminess to them. So glide into the fresh week, and the fresh month, with some fresh tunes. 01. SIREN – I Think I Like You :: If [...] Read More

NY Times Magazine: Portraits of Reconciliation

Twenty years ago today, one of the worst human rights crises began to unfold. This week, in remembrance of the 20th Anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide, New York Times Magazine presented the powerful photoessay entitled “Portraits of Reconciliation”. // Last month, the photographer Pieter Hugo went to southern Rwanda, two decades after nearly a million people were [...] Read More

Monday Mini Mixtape: marchFIVE

photo (1)

Here it is people: the fifth and last mixtape for March. So as we march into April (see what I did there?) here’s some new music to close out one month and kick off the next. Hopefully, wherever you are, the warm weather is starting to come in and all you want to do is jam out [...] Read More

Things we love // Beespace

Let’s flashback a few years. Before MOVE:DC, KONY 2012, and even before 16 national tours. There were just a three young filmmakers who wanted to shed light on a neglected and forgotten crisis. We’ve come a long way since receiving our 501(c)(3) status in 2006 and it since then it has been no small journey. [...] Read More

[Live] Nathaniel Rateliff: May 23rd @ Soda Bar + Latest Album


Staring out the window of the passenger’s seat looking out onto scenic trees and hills as you drive away from something. That’s what I visualize when I listen to Nathaniel Rateliff’s latest album, Falling Faster Than You Can run. The album starts off soft, incorporating the  potent stories and rustic melancholia that made him, as the [...] Read More

Who runs the world? Girls. // Annah Mason


Invisible Children’s San Diego headquarters is not the only place where talented and passionate women are working to bring one of Africa’s longest conflicts to an end. Many of Invisible Children’s operations in northern Uganda are spearheaded by women. These implementors and innovators ensure the continued strength of our on-the-ground programming within vulnerable communities. While [...] Read More

Manchester Orchestra’s Upcoming Album “Cope”


Last month, when we watched Manchester Orchestra’s video for ‘Top Notch‘, we knew great things were to come. Today, their new Album “Cope”, set to release April 1st, is streaming in its entirety, and it does not disappoint. We had the chance to tour with Manchester Orchestra back in 2009 and again in 2010, and we’re [...] Read More

Michelle Williams’ Broadway debut (and you)

I think its safe to say, we’ve all dreamed of attending a Broadway show and meeting with the star afterward. Well, I’m happy to tell you that those dreams can now become a reality. Enter Michelle Williams. Michelle is partnering up with CharityBuzz– a company that fundraises for nonprofit organizations through online charity auctions. The award [...] Read More