Monday Mini Mixtape aprilTWO

Happy Monday! Time for a lil mixtape. Each track here has it’s own specific quality that’ll make you take notice. Obviously there’s a ton of stellar songs being discovered every day, but these particular ones have a “special something”, making them stand out in a string of songs. In that case, when they’re put in [...] Read More

Artist Ambassador Noah Gundersen // Performance for NPR’s Mountain Stage

Noah Gundersen NPR Mountain Stage

We were thrilled to see that Noah Gundersen and his sister Abby performed on Mountain Stage for NPR Music this week… and you should be too. Why you ask?

Monday Mini Mixtape: aprilONE

For the first Monday Mixtape of April I present you with some exciting discoveries. All these tracks are unique in their own way– though they all have a bit of dreaminess to them. So glide into the fresh week, and the fresh month, with some fresh tunes. 01. SIREN – I Think I Like You :: If [...] Read More

Monday Mini Mixtape: marchFIVE

photo (1)

Here it is people: the fifth and last mixtape for March. So as we march into April (see what I did there?) here’s some new music to close out one month and kick off the next. Hopefully, wherever you are, the warm weather is starting to come in and all you want to do is jam out [...] Read More

[Live] Nathaniel Rateliff: May 23rd @ Soda Bar + Latest Album


Staring out the window of the passenger’s seat looking out onto scenic trees and hills as you drive away from something. That’s what I visualize when I listen to Nathaniel Rateliff’s latest album, Falling Faster Than You Can run. The album starts off soft, incorporating the  potent stories and rustic melancholia that made him, as the [...] Read More

Manchester Orchestra’s Upcoming Album “Cope”


Last month, when we watched Manchester Orchestra’s video for ‘Top Notch‘, we knew great things were to come. Today, their new Album “Cope”, set to release April 1st, is streaming in its entirety, and it does not disappoint. We had the chance to tour with Manchester Orchestra back in 2009 and again in 2010, and we’re [...] Read More

Journeys Presents: Vans Warped Tour ’14


This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Vans Warped Tour: a music festival that will take place in over 40 cities across the US where crowds of activists, punks, musicians and angst-filled youth will spill into amphitheaters and onto blacktop parking lots. This is a festival of sound and spirit, a melting pot for rebels and culture [...] Read More

Monday Mini Mixtape: marchFOUR

IMG_2600 (1)

Happy Monday + Happy Spring! March 20th was the first official day of spring. So, here’s some fresh music for a fresh season. Listen to these cool tracks as you picnic at the park or take a stroll around the park… okay for some reasons my strongest connotation with spring is going to the park. [...] Read More

Artist Ambassador // the Colourist: Debut Studio Album and New Video


You know the way you get when one of your favorite bands releases a new album? It feels like the first days of Spring. Well, despite the fact that the Colourist’s eponymous debut LP is literally coming out in the first days of Spring, we’re still super giddy about it. They were gracious enough to have [...] Read More

Rallysong campaign: exclusive SXSW recording sessions for Invisible Children


We’re excited. We’ll be the first to admit we get to do a lot of cool things in our day to day. But this is certainly one of the most exciting. What? At SXSW 2014 we took part in a mega-collaboration. We partnered with Rallysong, the crowdfunding, fan engagement platform, and several incredible music makers. The musicians involved [...] Read More