129,660,524 total views on all videos

LRA Crisis Tracker
2,368 incidents reported on the LRA Crisis Tracker to date

80% of LRA incidents weren’t reported before the existence of the LRA Crisis Tracker


National Tour
13,809 screenings to-date
55,000 hours spent giving free presentations to youth

International Events
Over 400,000 event participants

3,729,815 people pledged their support for Kony 2012 from 185 countries around the world

Organized and facilitated over 926 citizen lobby meetings, directly supporting the passage of the LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act in U.S. Congress


Conciliation Resources did a study of returnees from the LRA, and 89% of them cited the Come Home messaging as their primary reason for defection

7 radio towers broadcasting ‘Come Home’ messaging over 29,628 square miles

38 radio systems which to-date have transmitted 32,377 security calls reporting LRA activity & giving early warning of attacks

790,000 printed to date


Total university annual scholarships awarded to-date: 831
Total secondary annual scholarships awarded to-date: 3,745

$7,306,980 invested in 216 school infrastructure projects at 11 partner schools currently benefiting 9,300 students

WASH | Functional Adult Literacy | Village Savings and Loans 
11,180 people benefiting annually


UNAA Service Award – Ugandan North American Association (2008)

Human Security Award – Center for Unconventional Security Affairs (2008)

Chase Community Giving Award – JP Morgan Chase (2010)

The Global Generation Award for outstanding commitment to global justice and inspiring the next generation of global leaders – The Millennium Campus Network (2011)

Justitia Award for Civic Campaign of the Year – Cinema for Peace (2011)

The Dan Eldon Creative Activist Award (2012)

Most Effective Awareness Campaign by a Charity – Classy Awards (2012)


Best in Show – Creative Media Awards (2011)

Best in Class for Nonprofit – Interactive Media Awards (2011)

San Diego ADDY Special Judges Award (2012)


Outstanding Website (Schools for Schools) – Web Marketing Association (2007)

Displace Me – Webby Award (2008)


“I appreciated the work that you did…on the Kony 2012 video because I had to brief the President for a press event he was doing and it was shortly after that video had run and I thought that I would make sure that he knew about it, so I started to say, ‘Well, there’s this video online and it’s called Kony 2012.’ And he said, ‘No, I know. Malia showed it to me last night. I went back to the residence and she said ‘Dad, what are you doing about this?’’ and showed me the video [...] That shows something about the world that we live in. That people can make a video, put it online, and frankly reach the President in the most personal way.”

- BEN RHODES, Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications (Video)

“Invisible Children is giving blood to the institutional system. This gathering of young people working for other young people in remote places is a dream. It’s the idea that we’re a global community protecting each other.”

- LUIS MORENO-OCAMPO, Former Head Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

“Peacebuilding is not about one person. Everyone has a role to play and we need to play our part. Peacebuilding is a process. This war would have not taken over 20 years if all of us had got involved, if all of us had stood up and said let’s stop. I do not know if the legislative body of the US would have really got involved without involvement of Invisible Children.”

- MARTIN OJARA MAPENDUZI, Gulu District LC5 Chairman (video)

“Joseph Kony is a real problem and Kony 2012 is trying to wake everyone up using the latest modern media and filmed in a style which brings this story into your consciousness at a very deep level. That means more people can connect with it very easily. You cannot bring an awareness now through an impenetrable lecture in difficult English. People may not connect. So how else to create awareness? Let those who are professors write their books and create academic awareness. This one grabs you by your gut and shakes you until you are forced to pay attention. That’s the essence of awareness. People are now paying attention.”

- NORBERT MAO, President of Uganda Democratic Party (video)

“Up to today, the LRA continues its attacks against the civilian population. The attacks are so numerous that I’m not able to come up with a number. But things are beginning to change since our partnership with Invisible Children. This aid is not only urgent, but it’s meant to be sustainable for the long term.”

- ABBE BENOIT KINALEGU, Director of CDJP, Democratic Republic of Congo

“We admire so much your activism and I pledge to you on my own personal behalf and on behalf of US government that we will continue to do as President Obama has so plainly committed that we will and are doing. And that is to support the efforts of the United Nations. the African Union, the countries in the region, to stop the LRA and eliminate them as a threat to the people of the region. [...] You’ve already shown how much your voices can matter. You’ve raised awareness. Never stop contributing. Never stop being active.”

- AMBASSADOR SUSAN RICE, US Ambassador to the United Nations (video)

“While I was broadcasting in Acholi, there was an LRA fighter near town listening to our programs and sensitization messages. I indicated the place where the LRA could come out from the bush. This same night, the combatant surrendered his weapons and was able to reach the Ugandan army. So yes, there has been change and success. I feel at ease and it pleases me very much when I think about how LRA combatants are continuing to leave the bush.”

- EMMANUEL DABA, Radio Operator for Radio Zereda, Central African Republic (video)

“By participating in [Invisible Children’s] programs, young people have gained skills in awareness, networking, mobilization, production, and storytelling. Through these informal learning structures, IC participants have developed skills valued in a modern workplace, and a more empowered conception of citizenship.”


“The effort to have Kony arrested has the support and solidarity of so many young, so that means that we are not alone and [these pledges make] us sure that together we will stop Kony.”

FRANCISCO MADEIRAThe African Union’s Special Envoy on the LRA (video)

“We pay lip service to the need to raise a new generation of socially conscious young people. We build institutes for leadership and the advancement of civil society on our campuses for it. Not in their wildest dreams could these efforts hope to produce young leaders capable of the results these three young men have achieved. This is movement-building at its finest. I have rarely seen anything like it.”

DAN PALLOTTA, “The Kony 2012 ‘Controversy” (Article)

“As human rights funders, we have supported Invisible Children since 2006. We support them because we believe in their mission to make visible the despicable crimes of the Lord’s Resistance Army—terrible acts that for too long were the concern only of a limited number of government officials and development professionals…In our experience, Invisible Children is an organization with deeply held values and a culture of improvement, transparency, and learning.”

RANDY NEWCOMB, “Humanity United, “Why We Support Invisible Children” (Article)

“…Invisible Children did succeed in building a campaign, like we did in South Africa, over many years. That got American youngsters and now others around the world to take a stand. Their passion, their determination, their smart use of technology and the social media tools of the 21st century have built a tsunami that exploded across the world. That is a remarkable achievement.”

– JAY NAIDOO“Central Africa: There’s a Light in the Get Kony Campaign” (Article)

“Progress has been made in establishing early warning systems in DRC in recent years, and efforts continue to enlarge and coordinate this approach with a parallel system that will be established in CAR later in 2012. The backbone of the early warning system was initiated by the Catholic Church and supported by the NGOs Resolve, Invisible Children and CRS. It has led to noticeable improvements in situational reporting and analysis of the humanitarian situation in remote LRA-affected areas, particularly in Haut Uele. It also allows previously isolated communities the benefit of regular contact and information exchange with neighbouring areas, giving a real sense of being less isolated at the community level. Compared to the situation in 2008, when there was a significant delay in the response to a number of large-scale massacres in DRC, early warning systems and information networks today channel reports of attacks through a wide range of state services, traditional authorities, trained community focal points, representatives from civil society, religious groups, MONUSCO and humanitarian partners. This is being further strengthened and is increasingly allowing for rapid assessment and response when credible reports of new attacks against civilians come in.”

– OCHA“Humanitarian action in LRA-affected areas: Regional overview of needs and response”, June 2012

“The LRA Crisis Tracker is an important milestone for the fields of crisis mapping and early warning. [...] This project is by far the most accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive source of information on LRA atrocities, which the partners hope will improve efforts to protect vulnerable communities in the region. Indeed, the team has joined forces with a number of community-run protection organizations in Central Africa who hope to benefit from the team’s regular crisis reports.”

PATRICK MEIER, Former Director of Crisis Mapping, Ushahidi (article)

“It’s one hell of a phenomenon: an online grassroots prairie fire introduced millions — particularly young people — to the atrocities committed by Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA)….This powerful wave is testimony to things both new and old: the relatively new, but exponentially growing velocity of social media, and the old and deep power of American compassion in response to horrific suffering.”

– JOHN KERRY“Solving a Problem Like Joseph Kony” (Article)

“President Obama, Congress, and our US soldiers in the field aren’t the only Americans determined to help stop the LRA. The Kony 2012 campaign has inspired millions of young people to get involved in a humanitarian cause for the first time.”

– US SENATOR CHRIS COONS, “Pursuing Joseph Kony: A message from the United States Senate” (Video)

“Invisible Children has demonstrated its capacity to implement timely, innovative and logistically challenging projects in all four of the LRA affected countries. From enhancing inter-community early warning systems, to building FM radio stations to starting rehabilitation centers for LRA victims, Invisible Children is taking an increasingly leading role in protection, encouraging LRA to leave the forest and rehabilitating them once the ex-LRA members succeed.”

- MATTHEW BRUBACHER, DDR Officer Political Affairs Section, UNOAU

“Invisible Children has awoken the minds and the hearts of a generation that does not sit on the sidewalk but participates. For those of us who battled against Apartheid, how many children could we have saved if we had an organization like IC? For the heart of an African child beats the same as my own child and it too deserves the same love, for we are one.”

- SELINA HAYES, Director, International Business Development – Africa, Europe and Middle East at SRA International

“A real revolution can begin with something you wear…Take the impact on a high-school student of purchasing an Invisible Children T-shirt versus a Quicksilver T-shirt. These shirts cost the same and both have a great design, but one is from a for-profit surfing lifestyle brand, and the other is from a nonprofit trying to end the longest running war in Africa through a grassroots movement supported in part by money made off of the same T-shirt. Invisible Children makes you part of the movement, and allows you to tell yourself and others a specific story, one that connects you to the solution of one of the world’s problems. Why would you want simply to associate yourself with surf or hip-hop culture, when you could become part of a movement that is changing the world for real?”

JEFF ROSENTHAL, “Products with Purpose will Change the World” (Article)

“I believe there is no mission more urgent than to help children who are suffering and I applaud Invisible Children for raising the awareness of Kony (and the issue of child soldiers) to such an extraordinary level.”

BEN AFFLECK“Kony 2012: Westerners Are Not And Will Never Be The ‘Saviors’ Of Africa” (Article)