The first step in the 5-step Protection Plan, the Early Warning Radio Network, gives communities vulnerable to LRA attack the ability to receive warnings of LRA activity and alert humanitarians and security forces to LRA violence.

Between December 14th and 17th 2009, the LRA carried out horrific attacks in the Makombo area, killing more than 345 civilians and abducting 250, including 80 children. In response, we are expanding a High Frequency Radio Network that will connect towns to security forces and surrounding villages, limiting the LRA’s ability to fluidly move from town to town undeterred.

Father Benoit had an idea for addressing the LRA problem by putting in place an early-warning network. With the extension and implementation of the Early Warning Radio Network, Father Benoit’s dream became a reality.

The Early Warning Radio Network has made it possible to bridge the lack of information surrounding the LRA crisis, resulting in the LRA Crisis Tracker. Data is collected and pulled into our custom-designed mapping tool, displaying the incidents by both type and date at

This data gives humanitarians and and policymakers the information necessary to deploying life-saving aid and improving the services provided to LRA-affected communities.

The Crisis Tracker is a collaborative effort by Invisible Children and Resolve.