Mercy Southam, one of the LRA Crisis Tracker Project Developers in our San Diego headquarters, is compiling weekly reports based on data generated from IC’s Early Warning Radio Network, the UN, and organizations on the ground. She will be breaking down the information and highlighting specified activity in the weekly blog post, On The Radar. For real- time updates on LRA attacks, check out LRA Crisis Tracker online, or follow us on Twitter @CrisisTracker.

Over the first 10 days of June, Invisible Children’s Early Warning Network and the LRA Crisis Tracker reported a total of 12 incidents attributable to the LRA. LRA activities for this time period included the abduction of civilians, looting of food, cash and other goods and the peaceful surrender of 1 suspected LRA combatant. Between June 1-11, as reported by the LRA Crisis Tracker, the LRA has killed 1 civilian, abducted 8 and injured 2 others. Three of the abducted were released by the LRA within 72 hours and another 3 were able to escape–leaving two abductees unaccounted for and likely still in captivity.

The following are a few notable reports from the period of June 1 – June 11:

On June 11, in the Bafuku neighborhood of Bangadi, DRC, 1 suspected LRA combatant peacefully surrendered behind a secondary school. He was transported to a security force base and reported that he was authorized to speak on FM radio to encourage the surrender of other LRA members. Further clarification of this report is expected within the coming days.

On June 8, near Bangadi, DRC, a group of 14 suspected LRA, consisting of 8 men and 6 women, abducted a couple as they were working in their fields. The same suspected LRA group then proceeded to loot food, clothing, cooking utensils and a mattress cover from a northeastern neighbourhood within Bangadi, DRC. However, while the combatants were looting these goods, the couple managed to escape unharmed.

On June 5, near Nangbangala, DRC, LRA forces abducted a woman from her home. Later that night, she managed to escape her captors. However, around the time of her escape, the LRA forces abducted another woman, a man and a young girl. The LRA forces later released the man and woman, but the young girl remains in captivity.