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  • Ben Keesey
    Executive Director | CEO
    Ben received his B.A. in Applied Mathematics, Management & Accounting from the University of California, Los Angeles. The day after senior finals, he hopped on a plane to Africa and unknowingly rerouted the course of his life. Prior to officially joining the organization in 2005 as CFO, he worked with Deloitte and Touche LLP, JP Morgan & Associates and Brentwood Associates Private Equity. Ben now serves as Executive Director and CEO of Invisible Children, Inc. He embraces the impossible and plots the course of our daring future. His hard work is unmistakably evident; a previously unheard of grassroots documentary film has transformed into an international movement that is revolutionizing culture, policy and lives.
  • Jason Russell
    Co-Founder | Chief Creative Officer
    Jason "Radical" Russell is a co-founder of Invisible Children and our Chief Creative Officer. After graduating in 2002 from the University of Southern California's Film School with a degree in Cinema Production, he led a trip to East and central Africa and found himself in the middle of a decade-long war. He made a promise to a boy named Jacob to help end that war, returned home to make a film abut it, which then turned into a non-profit still in pursuit of that promise today. He admires Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney, Oprah, Bono, Steve Jobs, and Dan Eldon, but the most admiration of all goes to his childhood sweetheart/best friend/wife Danica and their two children, Gavin Danger and Everley Darling. He wholeheartedly believes that if you want to change the world, you have to be crazy enough to believe you can. He does, has, was, and still is.
  • Chris Carver
    Chief Operations Officer
    Chris grew up in Central California, but after being in San Diego the past 14 years, he can be officially listed as Southern Californian. His education is extensive, so get ready: undergrad at UC Berkeley, followed by a Master's degree in Agribusiness at Kansas State, topped off with an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management. You're still following? Okay, good. As COO, Chris oversees all of IC's operations, putting us in the best possible position to end this war (internally we refer to his work as the fuel). We can thank Our former CFO Jay for getting Chris involved and introducing him to Laren. After the three spent a morning surfing and talking all-things-IC, Chris was convinced -- this was where he needed to be. He worked with Ben Keesey over the next couple years and made a trip to Gulu before coming on full-time in 2010. And we can't end this without mentioning the role baseball's played in his life. He grew up an Orioles fan, listening to games on the radio with his grandfather, then worked as a sports agent for two years after college (not to mention a 10-year stint helping build software company Active.com). We're thankful his career path eventually steered him away from Jerry Maguire's footsteps... and towards Invisible Children.
  • Okot Jolly Andruvile
    Regional Ambassador
    Jolly serves as the regional ambassador for East and Central Africa. In 2003, Jolly Grace Okot brought Invisible Children’s three founders to northern Uganda. Her guidance enabled the filmmakers to create the original Rough Cut documentary, and her leadership and passion helped develop Invisible Children’s grassroots initiatives in Uganda. Among her many qualifications, Jolly holds a degree in business administration and is experienced in program development and coordination, logistics, and management. Developing Invisible Children Uganda’s operations has given her the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream of educating children in the Acholi sub-region, especially girls.
  • Elijah Muchiri
    Head of Office
    Elijah Muchiri, from the “city under the sun,” Nairobi, joined Invisible Children Uganda (ICU) as head of office in June 2012. In that position he provides entrepreneurial leadership to the team of directors and managers, overseeing operations and team management. His favorite part of the job is supporting creative ideas and improving and innovating development programs. Before coming to ICU, Elijah worked as head of office for Mercy Corps for 6 years. Throughout his career, Elijah has worked in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Democratic Republic of Congo. He is fluent in English, Swahili, and Kikuyu, with basic language skills in Tamil, Hindi and Sinhala. He holds a bachelor’s degree in social sciences, a master’s in sociology, and numerous certifications, including non-violent conflict management, community development, and making markets work for the poor. Elijah hopes to use his role to foster relationships that increase understanding and unity among people of different cultures and countries. His hobbies include traveling, watching sports, and swimming in bathtubs. Elijah honestly loves honesty.
  • Noelle West
    Director of Communication
    Noelle West graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Communication and Business Management. She oversees Invisible Children's online presence and manages the communication team. That sentence doesn't do her job justice, so let's just say she should wear a cape because she is actually Wonder Woman. Prior to signing on full time with IC, Noelle worked with the U.S. Soccer Federation as a videographer, traveling around the world filming the Women's National Team. Growing up her heroes were MacGyver, Bob Villa, and Martha Stewart. Little has changed.
  • Munduga Patrick
    Head of Regional Office
    Munduga Patrick is from Arua, a district in the far northwestern corner of Uganda. He formerly worked for Invisible Children Uganda as the education programs director, and then the technical advisor for the region. Today he is the head of the regional office in Kampala, Uganda. He has a background in civil engineering, project management, and water and waste engineering, and graduated from Makerere University with a degree in civil engineering in 2006. Patrick also holds a post-graduate certificate in water and waste engineering at Loughborough University of Technology. After graduating from Makerere, Patrick joined Melmarts Ltd. as a site manager and quantity surveyor. Later, he served as the assistant engineering officer for the Arua District Local Government and joined Invisible Children Uganda in 2007 as the head engineer.
  • Chris Sarette
    Vice President, Business Operations
    Chris Sarette is Invisible's trump card. He graduated from USC with a Masters in Communication Management at the age of 21 and waived a position with a communication consulting firm to polish our development strategy. Chris then initiated and directed the Schools for Schools program before transitioning into his current position as VP of Business Operations. He now manages IC's core operations team, overseeing everything from fleet maintenance to product campaigns to our websites. Oh, and Chris has a thing with sevens: he's been at IC for seven years, works in an office of seven (if you include Mick the Dog), his favorite number is seven, and he's traveled to Uganda seven times. Actually, Chris has traveled to more countries abroad than U.S. states. Don't worry, it's completely normal to feel like an underachiever around him. Seven times over.
  • Tiffany Keesey
    Director of Talent Acquisition
    Tiffany is responsible for interviewing and hiring the exceptional people that make Invisible Children something to talk about. On average, she and her team hire over 250 staff, interns, and volunteers each year. She also oversees Employee Success, which includes everything from risk management to performance management to creating a kick ass company culture. Tiffany graduated from UCLA in 2005 as a Regents Scholar - an honor putting her in the top 1% of her class. After graduation, she found she had a sixth sense for identifying that rare breed that complements the wonderful chaos of IC, and has overseen the HR Department ever since. She loves yoga, her book club, and talking to anyone that will listen about health and wellness. Harmless plug: tiffanynaturally.blogspot.com.
  • Guillaume Cailleaux
    Project Coordinator
    Guillaume, a Frenchman, joined Invisible Children in 2012 in order to establish our protection programs in the Central African Republic. He is based in CAR’s capital, Bangui, but spends 75% of his time in the field. Specifically, he is implementing the Early Warning Radio Network, working with FM radios to encourage LRA combatants to surrender, as well as supporting local associations working with victims of the LRA.  Originally from Paris, Guillaume has spent the last 7 years working in East and central Africa.
  • Bridgette Bugay
    Central Africa Communications Officer
    Bridgette is the Central Africa Communication Officer. In short, she documents and reports on everything that is happening in the LRA conflict and our programs in central Africa (and we have a lot of programs). Bridgette is based in IC's Kampla office, but spends 60% of her time traveling to DRC, CAR and South Sudan gathering information, media assets and stories. If this sounds adventurous, it’s because it is. But Bridgette is no stranger to challenge and adventure. At UC San Diego, she double majored in Political Science and Visual Art (studio) and minored in Music, all while playing on UCSD's NCAA women's water polo team for all 4 years. #goTritons She then did a double Masters in Global Media and Communications between the London School of Economics and University of Southern California. If it’s not clear by now, we’re lucky to have Bridgette and we’re so glad we do.
  • Okot Geoffrey Howard
    Programs Coordinator
    Geoffrey Howard is originally from Gulu and speaks English, Luo and Luganda. Geoffrey joined Invisible Children Uganda (ICU) in September 2005 as one of our first mentors and now serves as the programs coordinator, providing strategic program leadership and overall management of the ICU programs. His favorite part of the job is seeing programs changing the lives of vulnerable people and transforming his own community. He holds a bachelor's degree in arts with education and has a postgraduate diploma in project planning and management from Gulu University. He is currently pursuing his master’s degree in development studies. Geoffrey has also received additional training in team building, stress management, psychosocial support, and participatory project monitoring and evaluation, and has skills in management, leadership, music, event management, entrepreneurship, computers, and fundraising. When he's not in the office, Geoffrey enjoys singing, making and watching movies, traveling, reading, and swimming.
  • Doreen Acaa
    Regional Finance and Compliance Director
    Doreen is a dynamic and young professional woman, with a solid donor funded programme management background. She has rich experience and excellent skills in financial planning, management and reporting. She has ensured compliance and adherence to standardized donor policies and procedures. Recently she expanded her experience to include Programme learning, quality management systems and knowledge management. Having worked for UNDP, UNHCR, ECHO, USAID, OFDA, and BPRM funded programs at senior management levels, Doreen has the qualifications and experience needed to provide financial leadership and mentorship. She is a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU); a member of the UK based Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA). Doreen holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration (Finance Option) from Makerere University Kampala (MUK) and Honors Degree in Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting Option) from the same University. For hobbies she loves a lot to travel, visit game parks, preach the kingdom message. She chose to work for Invisible Children in quest for career growth. Doreen joins Invisible Children to provide financial leadership within the Africa Region.
  • Allan Twinomugisha
    Regional IT Officer
    Allan hails from Bushenyi District in western Uganda. He fondly calls it a land that flows with milk and honey. He serves as a Regional IT Officer at the Regional Office and offers support to DRC and CAR offices. Allan is a Computer Scientist by training with a Bachelor of Computer Science degree at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST), and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Data Communication and Software Engineering, specializing in Systems and Network Administration at Makerere University. Allan is passionate about supporting internal and external IT users. “My joy is seeing a smile on a user’s face when using any IT related systems and applications”. He believes impossibility lies in an individual’s attitude and a failure is one who never tries. Allan is skilled in network and systems management, systems security and policy development, database management and report generation using statistical packages such as Access, SPSS, Epi Info and Epi Data. Previously, Allan worked with MUST-Harvard Research Collaboration as a Data Specialist, International Air Ambulance as a Database Manager, Hospice Africa Uganda as an IT/ Systems Officer.
  • Komakech Hannington
    Program Manager
    Hannington is from Apac, a district in northern Uganda. He can speak Luo, English, and Kiswahili. He is the program manager for the Legacy Scholarship Program and has worked with Invisible Children Uganda (ICU) since 2007 as a program officer, education officer for our Schools for Schools program, and program officer for our Legacy Scholarship Program in the Pader office. Before coming to ICU he was a teacher and taught at Gulu Primary Teachers College and Canon Apollo Primary Teachers College in Kabarole District (Fort Portal) in Western Uganda. Hannington holds a national certificate in education, a diploma in teachers’ education (tutor), a bachelor’s degree in public administration and is currently pursuing a postgraduate diploma in project planning and management. He has been taking on positions of leadership since primary school, and has learned how to work well with people. One day he hopes to earn a doctorate and continue to support vulnerable communities across Uganda. In his free time, Hannington enjoys reading, listening to Christian music, making friends, and listening to their stories. Hannington believes in hard work and is determined to achieve his dreams.
  • Andrea Ramsay
    Executive Project Manager
    Andrea is the Executive Project Manager to Ben, Jason, and Chris. She’s well-suited for the job because before this, she was a Roadie on two different tours and then a Regional Manager so she's used to juggling 100 things at once and keeping people on a schedule. Before that? Andrea studied Political Science and Journalism at the University of Delaware and was working at a restaurant in New York City when a co-worker told her about Invisible Children. It was in the middle of a round-the-world backpacking trip when she was hired to be a Roadie, and she left her trip four months early to come work for us. Now that’s sacrifice.
  • Maggie Leahy
    Executive Assistant
    Hailing from Severna Park, Maryland, Maggie supports the maintenance and growth of IC’s programs in central Africa, which includes but is not limited to - assisting in communicating the impact of the programs on the ground internally across departments and provides support to relevant departmental staff to assist in the overall effectiveness of the team and mission. Before coming to Invisible Children, Maggie interned with the Clinton Global Initiative in New York. Yes, she met Bill himself, who she credits as her role model. Maggie first found out about IC from her brother’s girlfriend’s AOL Instant Messenger profile (didn’t we all?) and was involved with the GNC and ’06 Lobby Days. Then she came on as a Roadie in 2011, and we haven’t let her leave since. Oh, she’s also diabetic. Too personal for a bio? Well, Maggie (and Invisible Children) is all about transparency. So, there it is. She’s diabetic.
  • Lisa Dougan
    Director of Civic Engagement
    Born and raised in Washington DC, Lisa still calls DC her home as she serves as our Director of Civil Engagement. That means she's IC's representative to government officials and DC-based organizational partners, and helps to develop and oversee our grassroots political advocacy efforts. She received a BA in English from Grove City College, and got involved with IC after seeing the Rough Cut during her senior year. She became a Roadie for IC's 2nd tour, then served as a Regional Manager and Advocacy Liaison from 2007-2009. She's spent the last three years as the Director of Field Outreach for Resolve, one of our DC-based advocacy partners, and we are over the moon that she has returned to IC. Fun facts about our dear Lisa: she loves the movie Amelie, will read anything by John O'Donohue, doesn't own a TV,  and counts her mother ("an absolute lioness") and Nobel peace-winning women Wangari Mathai of Kenya and Leymah Gbowee of Liberia as her role models.
  • Kimmy Vandivort
    International Operations Manager
    Kimmy Vandivort has been with Invisible Children since 2009 and knows more about the workings of this company than any other human being. Now she is bringing her know-how to our Protection and Recovery Programs. Kimmy graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education, as well as a teaching credential. Prior to joining our rowdy outfit, she taught elementary school in Los Angeles and spent a summer in Nicaragua. You should also know that Cinco De Mayo is her favorite holiday and there is nothing she can't find, build, or borrow.
  • Amgbua Christine Vuciri
    Regional Logistics Manager
    Born of the West Nile district of Moyo in Northern Uganda, Christine joined Invisible Children as Regional Logistics Manager in December 2013. She had previously worked in different Non-Governmental Organizations including; World Education Inc, Management Sciences for Health, International Rescue Committee, Catholic Relief Services, CARE International, Wildlife Conservation Society, Aktion Afrika Hilfe, and AVSI. Christine holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Management, and Bachelor of Business Administration and Management from Uganda Martyrs University. She has also trained in Strategic Procurement and Logistics Management, USAID Rules and Regulations, UN Civil Military Coordination, USAID Business Writing Skills, and Advanced fleet management. With her logistics background, Christine commits to giving Invisible Children her best.
  • Paul Yellin
    Director of Information Technology
    Paul is the rare San Diego-native, having grown up in Pt. Loma before studying philosophy at the University of Colorado in Boulder. He is the Director of Information Technology. If it runs on electricity, then he’s in charge of it. Paul has developed a reputation for snacking on food from other people's desks. He offsets the snacking with activities such as racing the 40 meter against interns in the hallway and training Brazilian Jiujitsu 4-5 times a week. Sometimes he reads.
  • Julius Martin Ekomu
    Regional Finance Manager
    Julius Martin Ekomu is from Amuria, a district in eastern Uganda. He earned a Bachelors of Management Science with a focus in Accounting and Finance from Kyambogo University. He is currently waiting to receive his MBA from Gulu University. Julius is a Certified Public Accountant and uses his experience to ensure that Invisible Children Uganda is operationally and financially successful. Julius has been a member of our team since 2010.
  • Labuke Jennifer
    Program Officer
    Labuke Jennifer is originally from Gulu and has been Invisible Children Uganda’s (ICU) program officer for Schools for Schools since 2009. She holds a bachelor's degree in education from Makerere University and a postgraduate diploma in human resource management. She worked as the senior inspector of schools with the directorate of education standards before joining ICU. Jennifer loves traveling, reading the Bible, and is looking forward to establishing a farm in her village. More than anything, she looks forward to someday taking care of her grandchildren.
  • Aisu Moses
    Regional Security and Systems Officer
    Aisu Moses is from Kumi district in eastern Uganda and is fluent in English, Ateso and Kiswahili languages. Aisu Moses has nine years of solid work experience in security management, investigations and complex security operations. He holds Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and security management, Higher Diploma in strategic security and protection management, Career Diploma in private investigations and detectives, Certificate in retail security and loss prevention, Certificate in hostile surveillance and Certificate in risk management among other professional trainings in security and investigation fields. Aisu has worked in private security firms as project manager overseeing the security operations for Standard Chartered Bank in Uganda, Royal Danish Embassy, German Embassy, Japanese Embassy including the residences of all the diplomats, Shoprite Shopping malls and MTN Service Centers. Others are International Hotels Group in Port Galib Cairo-Egypt and Qatar International Airport. Professionally, he enjoys intelligence gathering, conduction surveillance, tracking suspects and writing reports.
  • Apollo Jesse Dokolinga
    Defection Program Assistant
    Apollo Jesse Dokolinga holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies from Uganda Christian University Mukono. He hails from Jonam in Pakwach, one of the towns in the world that witnessed the recent Eclipse. Outside work, Apollo is a father, a husband, a second Dan Black Belt tea Kwando practitioner who loves playing and watching rugby. Until recently Apollo worked for the Uganda Amnesty Commission as Senior Resettlement Officer a position he held since 2009. Currently he works for Invisible Children as the Defection Program Assistant. The need to bring an end to the two decade reign of suffering and improve the livelihoods of people in the Northern Region and to the people in countries still affected by the LRA insurgence prompted inspired him to join Invisible Children.
  • Malorie Tull
    Uganda Program Manager
    Malorie Tull is from North East, Maryland, and graduated from Eastern University with a degree in Communication Studies. Malorie previously worked for the American Bible Society as a member of their Marketing team and for Geneva Global, Inc., a philanthropic advisory firm. After joining Invisible Children Uganda and working as the Communications Officer in Gulu for a year and a half, Malorie recently joined the team in San Diego as the Program Manager for our initiatives in Uganda. Outside of work, she enjoys the arts and spending time with friends, and is passionate about international justice, photography, and quoting Zoolander.
  • Makameri Geoffrey Paul
    IT Officer
    Geoffrey is originally from Mbale in eastern Uganda and speaks English, Luganda, Gishu and a little Swahili. He initially joined Invisible Children Uganda as an intern in 2006 and returned in 2010 as our IT officer. Geoffrey holds a degree in IT from Makerere University and is skilled in the areas of hardware and software maintenance, as well as networking. Formerly, Geoffrey was an IT technician for a private firm where he expanded his skills and learned to conduct research online to find solutions that would help make users more productive. Geoffrey likes his job because it gives him the opportunity to support staff to accomplish the task at hand. His dream is to become a certified IT professional and also create more time to be with family. He enjoys soccer, dancing, and watching movies. He’s also something of a culinary expert, as Geoffrey says: “put me in the kitchen and I will make you smile.”   <b></b>
  • Tyler Fordham
    Art Director
    Tyler draws pictures for a living. Well, he actually does a lot more to earn his keep around our office. He is responsible for designing our print media, web graphics and merchandise. Basically, if you see it or wear it- he clicked it into being. Tyler got involved with IC after meeting IC founder Laren Poole at a benefit show in Austin, Texas. When he mentioned his affinity for our design and aesthetic, Laren mentioned that he should be a Roadie and so he did just that, eventually becoming part of our staff. Tyler is seemingly normal, aside from his peculiar hatred of popcorn and a brief stint in homemade pyrotechnics from age 9 to 13. At age 12, he graduated from fireworks to studies in muzzle loading, eventually progressing to cannons. His research resulted in a cannonball-shaped hole in his backyard fence. He now works for a nonprofit organization that advocates peace. Oh, we just love a good dose of irony.
  • Bere Lucy Aneno
    Program Officer
    Bere Lucy Aneno was born in Pader, a district in northern Uganda. She speaks English and Luo. She is the program officer for the Livelihood programs, which include Functional Adult Literacy; Village Savings & Loans; and Water, Sanitation & Hygiene. Lucy graduated with honors from Makerere University with a degree in development studies, and recently obtained a postgraduate diploma in entrepreneurship skills development from Gulu University. She formerly worked with Mercy Corps in Pader and Kitgum, in their Youth Empowerment Program.
  • Chad Clendinen
    Lead Animator
    Chad is a storyteller who hails from the land of oranges, lighting storms, space shuttles, and shark bites: Cocoa, FL (he claims to have experienced everything on that list). His job at Invisible Children is to create something out of nothing and on top of that, to astonish people. That is exactly what he does as our lead animator/VFX guy in the Art Department. He's very talented to say the least. Chad has been home schooled from K-12 (don't worry, he's proud of it) and he received an AS in digital media/television production. Chad has traveled throughout Africa and Southeastern Asia numerous times documenting his time over there.
  • Alex Collins
    Artist Relations Music Manager
    Alexander Mark Collins is our Artist Relations Music Manager. From a tiny town in Michigan called Yale, Alex attended Bethel College to receive a BA in Sociology, Social Science, and Business Administration. While there, he met a young woman who heroically escaped the LRA named Evelyn Opoko, changing the course of his life. Having a background in music, he realized its' necessary role in giving social movements tremendous amounts of momentum. It is a universal language, and at IC, it's important for us to be a part of that language. As the music manager, he creates and organizes partnerships and campaigns with bands and the people that represent them.
  • Brandon Bone
    Front-End Engineer
    Brandon is our Front-End Engineer. What is that? No, it’s not an engineer like on a train. Instead, this Omaha, Nebraska native does software architecture, development, and management for all of IC’s digital properties. He graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a B.S. in Communications, then worked in advertising for five years, and then went on to win several web awards, including one for an app called “Daydreamer” that gives deaf children the opportunity to make music. But before that, he and three of his closest friends got the Canadian Maple Leaf tattooed on their bums during a spontaneous jaunt to Lethbridge, Alberta. TMI? Nah.
  • Sean Poole
    Counter-LRA Programs Manager
    Sean grew up just a few hours north of San Diego in Pasadena, California. This California-native and adamant Dodgers fan has seen it all at Invisible Children. He has been a Roadie, an intern, an assistant, and now works full-time in our International Programs Department. (We knew he was a keeper.) After studying International Relations at Point Loma Nazarene University, Sean immediately had the chance to use his degree as he helped establish the 30 HF sites in DRC and the development of all of our CAR/DRC projects. He spends 50% of his time working in Congo, and while we miss him immensely, we know he's busy being his incredibly productive self and making things happen.
  • Lauren Manning
    Communications Officer
    Lauren hails from Connecticut and is a recent graduate from Northwestern University with a degree in journalism, a minor in sociology and certificate in civic engagement. Before joining Invisible Children's Uganda office in September 2013, she saw the Rough Cut back in high school and fell in love with the idea of producing media that matters. She has experience with documentary filmmaking and investigative reporting. She previously reported and performed research in Malawi, Jordan and South Africa and worked in nonprofit communications with a disaster relief organization and a small NGO that promotes girls’ education in Senegal and Kenya. She is excited to be joining the Invisible Children Uganda team as a Princeton in Africa fellow.
  • Jeremy Danenhauer
    Business Operations Manager
    Jeremy Danenhauer: Office Fantasy Football 2012 Champion, scholarship luncheon Citizen of the Year award winner (although he thinks he got that by mistake), and an aspiring woodworker. And in his spare time he's our Business Operations Manager, where he oversees all of our shipping, inventory, warehouse organization, fleet management, and is our onsite Chief Safety Officer. Super important guy, that Jeremy. He is from Placentia, CA, graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a BA in Economics, and had never heard of IC before interning here in 2012. We love newbies. Honorable mentions about Mr. Danenhauer: he once walked 26 miles to the beach to say he lived within walking distance of the beach, and he loves Arrested Development and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou #whodoesnt
  • Oroma Nancy Knox
    Finance Officer
    Oroma Nancy Knox is from Pader, a district in northern Uganda. She works with Invisible Children Uganda (ICU) as a finance officer and has a degree in business administration. Nancy previously worked with Association of Volunteers in International Service-Gulu (AVSI) on the Enumerator Wings project. She is proud to work for ICU because it is responsive to community needs. She's looking forward to increasing her knowledge of accounting. Unofficially, Nancy serves as the Luo teacher for the international staff at ICU. She is assertive, hardworking, and has an infectious smile.
  • Clemente Loutemboli
    Project Assistant
    In 2008, when the LRA first arrived in the Central African Republic (CAR), Clement documented all security incidents and acted as the humanitarian focal point in the Haut-Mbomou. He became interested in working with Invisible Children after seeing it as an oppurtunity to continue his work in LRA affected communities. Clemente joined us in December 2012 to help expand our Early Warning Radio Network, train Local Protection Committees, and reinforce the capacity of our local partners.
  • Nyeko Richard
    Tailoring Supervisor
    Nyeko Richard is the tailoring supervisor for our Mend program and joined the Invisible Children Uganda team in 2007. He is originally from Atiak and speaks English and Luo. Before joining Mend, Richard was trained in tailoring by a senior tailor in Gulu and eventually ran his own tailoring training center, training up to 50 students at one time.<b></b>
  • Michael Mubangizi
    Regional PR & Advocacy Officer
    <span style="font-family:'Open Sans', sans-serif;font-size:14px;line-height:16px;">Michael joined Invisible Children in February 2013. Working alongside Invisible Children's regional ambassador, his work entails developing and promoting Invisible Children within and outside Uganda. Before joining us, Michael worked as a journalist for the Observer newspaper. His articles have also been featured in the Daily Monitor and New Vision among other publications. He was at one time the public relations officer for Inspire Conference and editor of Disciple Voice magazine. Michael is trained in media, communications, and social sciences. He is currently pursuing a Master in Journalism and Communication at Makerere University to add on his other postgraduate certifications in project planning and management, project monitoring and evaluation, a bachelor's degree in social sciences and a diploma in journalism and mass communication. Michael loves social justice causes and campaigns and is passionate about using the media to advance causes of the voiceless.  </span>
  • Igor Koumbata-Bawo
    Finance Officer
    One of the newest members of our team, Igor joined Invisible Children in February 2013. Igor uses his degree in accounting, management, and finance from Institute New-Tech in Bangui to ensure that all of the finances for our Central African Republic (CAR) offices are in order. In addition to his extensive financial knowledge, Igor speaks seven languages and takes great pride in working on projects that help develop the region he grew up in.
  • Okettayot Leo
    Lead Mentor
    Okettayot Leo is from Atiak, just north of Amuru District in northwest Uganda and can speak English and Luo. Leo is the lead mentor at Invisible Children Uganda (ICU) for the Legacy Scholarship Program, planning and coordinating the activities of mentors as they implement program work and development. Leo has worked with ICU since 2006, and previously held positions within the organization such as mentor and assistant lead mentor. He loves the challenges he has to overcome at work, and has a passion for helping needy children. Before joining ICU, he graduated from Gulu University with a bachelor's of science in education and worked in monitoring and evaluation at Global E-learning, USAID. He also was the head of department for physics at Sir Samuel Baker School. Among many other skills he's acquired, Leo excels in guidance and counseling, project planning and management, child protection, and child rights programming. One day, he wants to earn his master’s degree in development studies and governance to become a senior community development officer for the government. Outside of work, he enjoys volleyball, reading, watching TV and sharing experiences with friends. He lives to create positive change in difficult situations.
  • Oola Lorna Peace Precious
    Education Officer
    Oola Lorna Peace Precious has many names! She is originally from Gulu and speaks nine languages: English, Acholi, Alur, Runyoro, French, Kiswahili, Madi, Kakwa, and is learning Spanish. Lorna joined Invisible Children Uganda in 2009 and serves as the education officer for the Schools for Schools program. She graduated with a degree in education and has a bachelor’s degree in public administration and management. In addition, she earned a postgraduate diploma in conflict management and peace studies. Previously, Lorna taught at Trinity College and Sacred Heart Secondary School, which are both in Gulu. She also worked for the Association of Teachers of French in Uganda. Lorna loves dancing and playing soccer with her brothers in her spare time. She also keeps track of every television soap opera.
  • Topaco Betty Miriam
    Assistant Lead Mentor
    Topaco Betty Miriam is originally from Kitgum, a district in the northern region of Uganda. She speaks Luo, English, and Lutoro. Betty joined Invisible Children Uganda in 2005 as one of the first mentors for the Legacy Scholarship Program. She currently serves as the Assistant Lead Mentor for the program. Betty has a degree in social sciences and a post-graduate diploma in education from Makerere University. She also holds a post-graduate diploma in human resource management. In the future Betty hopes to obtain a master’s in economic development and gender issues.
  • Michelle Hart
    Accounting Manager
    Michelle came to us in 2011 after spending the summer living with her grandparents on an island in Puget Sound, helping tend to their farm and garden. Idyllic, really. Michelle originally got involved with Invisible Children when she attended a screening in 2005 and took part in the Global Night Commute a year later. Now, she is our Accounting Manager which means she is responsible for overseeing the bookkeeper's day-to-day processes as well as all other accounting. This position, you guessed it, coordinates activities with the Financial Analyst and Financial Controller to assure timely, accurate record keeping of all financial activities. In other words, she makes sure the balance sheet is balanced. A true DIY-er, Michelle is a self-taught accountant (after college, she read an entire accounting textbook). She also has great taste in literature. Ask her for some recommendations.
  • Aol Irene Latigo
    Irene is a mentor in Invisible Children Uganda’s (ICU) Pader office. She hails from Kitgum and speaks English, Luo, and Luganda. She has a degree in education from Makerere University, as well as a certificate in counseling and guidance. Before joining ICU in 2008, Irene worked for World Vision. She is very impressed with ICU’s activities in northern Uganda. Outside of work she is a part of the choir in her church. Irene hopes to work towards a master’s in women’s empowerment.
  • Angelo Ignacio
    Email Marketing Coordinator
    Our lives changed for the better the moment Angelo joined our Communications team. As our Email Marketing Coordinator, he creates email campaigns that keep our supporters in the loop of what we're up to (duties include but are not limited to - writing, designing, analyzing, and strategizing content). He first heard about IC in 2006 at a fundraiser at Loyola Marymount University, where he graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. After graduating and going on to achieve such monumental things as bicycling 500+ miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles (as part of AIDS Lifecycle), Angelo settled in LA at a start-up company doing email, social media & community management work. He credits LA traffic with traumatizing him enough to hate driving, thinks avocados are God's greatest gift to the world, and loves Forrest Gump, 60 Minutes, and the LA Lakers. But maybe not as much as he loves working here.
  • Ochaka Richard Mark
    Ochaka Richard Mark is a mentor under the Legacy Scholarship Program. He comes from Gulu and speaks Luo, English, and Luganda. Richard holds a diploma in education from Kyambogo University and also has an advanced certificate in trauma counseling. Before joining Invisible Children Uganda in 2007, Richard taught at Gulu Mixed School and Gulu Parents Comprehensive School. In 2006, Richard also worked for Medicines San Frontiers as a caregiver at the night commuters’ shelter, Lacor, in Gulu. He has public speaking, planning, organizational, leadership and counseling skills. In the future he is hoping to pursue further studies in development. Outside of the office, Richard likes to watch soccer and read books.
  • Melanie Zawadi
    Operations Manager
    Melanie comes from Bunia, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). She graduated with a degree in computer science from the University of Makerere in Kampala, Uganda. Before joining Invisible Children, Melanie worked as the secretary of Commission Diocésaine Justice et Paix (CDJP), an NGO in Dungu, DRC, that Invisible Children partnered with to build and maintain the Early Warning Radio Network.
  • Hailey Mitsui
    Mobilization Manager
    Hailey is a native of Seattle, WA, which is also where she got her BA in Sociology from Western Washington University. Hailey first got involved with Invisible Children her freshman year of college when her friend took her to see a screening, she cried her eyes out and bought everything at the merch table. If you need help on your resume, Hailey's three years as a peer career advisor has given her way too much resume know-how. She'll even consider offering tutorials on the road for the right price. As our Mobilization Manager Hailey oversees all our face to face interaction with our North American supporters.
  • Jennifer Milly Aloyo
    Regional HR and Administration Manager
    Since joining Invisible Children Uganda in January 2012, Jennifer has been on top of everything, making sure that the regional ambassador, the directors, and all staff are on the same page. Presently, the Regional HR and Administration Manager, she has worked with numerous NGOs in the past, including Norwegian Refugee Council, Save the Children in Uganda, Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF), World Health Organisation, and Human Rights Network Uganda.  She is currently pursuing a master’s in development studies, has diploma in French, degree in Secretarial Studies. She enjoys swimming, dancing and singing and can slaughter a chicken without hesitation (you may have seen her cameo in Invisible Children’s first film, The Rough Cut). Jennifer speaks Luo, English, and French, and is originally from Gulu.
  • Okello Comfort
    Program Assistant
    Okello Comfort is the program assistant for Livelihood programs. She is from Nebbi, a district in the northwestern region of Uganda. Comfort initially joined Invisible Children Uganda (ICU) as an intern and later signed a full-time contract in 2009. Comfort speaks Luo, English, Luganda, and basic Swahili and has a bachelor's in social sciences from Makerere University. Before joining ICU, Comfort volunteered at World Vision, Gulu. She is proud to be part of an organization changing the lives of those affected by the conflict. Outside of work, Comfort likes to swim, dance, and wants to acquire additional skills in project planning and management.<b></b>
  • Steve Witmer
    Lead Web Designer
    When Steve was just a young lad, he entered in a local CVS Valentine's Day coloring contest in his hometown of Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Staying in the lines while coloring, he blew the competition out of the water taking first place. From that moment on Steve was bound for greatness in the art design world. After designing one of his school's S4S club t-shirts, he decided he wanted to design stuff for IC full-time and applied for our design internship. We were immediately impressed by his gifted ability to turn shapes and colors into something the world has never seen before. Being one of our incredibly skilled graphic designers, Steve does everything from designing t-shirts to print materials to keeping our website looking classy.
  • Lalam Marylyne
    Lalam Marylyne is from Pader, a district in northern Uganda. She can speak both English and Luo. Marilyn has been a Mentor at Invisible Children Uganda since 2006. She received a bachelor’s degree in education from Makerere University and previously taught in Gulu Central High School for about a year and a half. She first heard about ICU from a friend. When she's not working, Marilyn likes to play games (especially volleyball) and also enjoys watching TV.
  • Ashley Gutierrez
    Film Editor
    Ashley was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She created on-air promotional pieces at VH1 in New York and developed news packages for local media outfits before getting her degree in Broadcast Journalism at Grand Valley State University. Along the way, Ashley's eyes were opened to grassroots documentaries that were having a profound impact on lives across the world, and she refocused her talents. She came to IC as a SoCal Roadie in the spring of '09 and has been in the Art Department editing away behind a computer since fall of '09. If you're looking for her on the road, you can catch her by her license plate - Gucci. She claims it's a reference to her last name. We prefer to believe she has a weakness for high fashion. (Okay, she doesn't have that license plate anymore... but she used to!)
  • Mwaka Peter King
    Peter King Mwaka has been around since the beginning of Invisible Children, acting as a translator and guide for the three filmmakers when they first came to Gulu in 2003. He officially joined the organization in 2006 and now works as a mentor to students in the Legacy Scholarship Program, inspiring them to accomplish their dreams. From Gulu district, Peter King speaks English and Luo and enjoys singing, public speaking, and writing. In fact, later this year he is releasing a book titled <em>Soaring Above Your Height</em>. Before coming to Invisible Children Uganda, he was a teacher at Kansanga Senior Secondary School and worked as a project officer for Alliance for African Assistance. He has a bachelors degree in education, a certificate in Christian ministry, and is the lead pastor for a worship center in Gulu. Peter King and his wife, Christine, have three children: Nicole, Peter King Junior, and Noble.
  • Komakech Lawrence
    Komakech Lawrence is originally from Gulu. He speaks Luo and English and has worked as a mentor at Invisible Children Uganda (ICU) since 2008. He holds a degree in education and a post-graduate diploma in human resource management. Lawrence chairs the Social and Disciplinary Committee under the Legacy Scholarship Program department. Before joining ICU, Lawrence worked as program officer for the Justice and Peace Commission of Gulu. Outside of work, Lawrence enjoys playing soccer and watching documentaries.
  • Akiyu Stella Mistica
    Akiyu Stella Mistica is originally from Gulu and speaks Luo and English. Stella joined Invisible Children Uganda (ICU) in 2006 and is currently a mentor for the Legacy Scholarship Program. She first heard about ICU from mentors who used to come to work with the students at Northland High School in Gulu, where she previously taught. Stella graduated with a bachelor’s in Education from Makerere University and also went to Caritas Counseling School, where she earned a certificate in guidance and counseling. In addition, she attended Barclay’s High School for the Blind and the Deaf and earned a certificate in special needs education. When she's not at the Invisible Children Uganda office, Stella enjoys visiting old friends and watching movies at home with her two children.
  • Aol Betty Tinah
    Aol Betty Tinah is a mentor at Invisible Children Uganda (ICU) and has been a part of the team since 2008. She speaks English, Swahili, Lunyoro, Runyankore, and Lugisu. She is originally from Gulu. Tinah has a degree in procurement from Makerere Business School and a post-graduate degree in development studies. She is currently pursuing an additional degree at Gulu University. Before joining ICU, Tinah taught at Gulu Prison Primary School. When she is not visiting her mentees, you can find her dancing or playing with her children.<b></b>
  • Jessica Goldsmith
    Web Developer
    Oh Jessica Goldsmith. We wonder what we did before this productive ninja entered our lives. This lovely web development assistant hails from Torrance, California (the hometown of Chuck Norris #duh) and stays busy developing web pages, keeping our website up-to-date, and showing SEO who's boss (her). She graduated from UCSD with a major in Psychology and a minor in International Studies. She originally learned about IC after hearing Jason Russell speak at her high school winter camp, and came on board after studying abroad in Spain. Now that she can cross traveling to Europe off her bucket list, she can concentrate on the rest of her to-dos: visiting every other continent (5 down, 2 to go), being part of a flash mob, and owning a coffee shop. We’ll totally be her first customers.
  • Adong Evelyn Olla
    Adong Evelyn Olla joined Invisible Children Uganda in 2006 as a mentor. Previously, she worked as a history and geography teacher at Charity College. Evelyn attended Unyama National Teachers College and graduated with a diploma in education in 2000. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in education from Gulu University. In the future, Evelyn hopes to continue her education in guidance and counseling. Outside of work she enjoys visiting her friends in the village and going to the garden, where she plants cassava, ground nuts, and beans.<b></b>
  • Jessica Morris
    Jessica is our HR Coordinator. She assists in staff hiring, recruiting, and intern program development (read: become her friend and she just may be able to pull employment strings), as well as getting IC to land on every "Top 10 best places to work" list (because it is #duh). She started as a Roadie on The Legacy Tour and describes herself as “still a Roadie at heart”. She was then a Regional Manager who oversaw four Roadie teams before moving into her current role. Before coming to IC, this Exeter, California native backpacked western Europe for two months and graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a degree in Communication Studies. If you’re looking for a cherry hook-up, call Jess. Her family owns a cherry farm and claims to have the best cherries this side of the Mississippi. Sounds like a pretty cool family...but not as cool as her two-year-old nephew, Jack. He’s her favorite person in the world.
  • Odong Kizito
    University Mentor
    Kizito was born in Pader, a district in northern Uganda. He speaks Acholi and English. He has a degree in Education and has worked as a Mentor for the Legacy Scholarship Program since 2008. He is also a chairperson for the Sports Committee in Pader. Before joining ICU, Kizito worked as a classroom teacher at Bishop Angelo Negri College in Gulu. Kizito loves talking to children about the value of education.
  • Jean de Dieu Kandape
    Project Manager
    Our Early Warning Radio Network Project Manager, Jean de Dieu comes from Bunia, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He graduated with a degree in health sciences at the Catholic University of Graben in Butembo, DRC. Before joining Invisible Children, Jean de Dieu worked with Oxfam Quebec, supervising projects related to the protection of internally displaced people in northern DRC. He believes strongly in the work of the Early Warning Network and its potential to help vulnerable communities. In his spare time he enjoys playing football.
  • Aneno Violet
    Finance Assistant
    Violet, from Agago district in Uganda, joined Invisible Children Uganda in October 2012. She keeps Invisible Children running by keeping financial records up-to-date, making payments, and keeping the cash box keys safe. She enjoys the total devotion needed to get the job done well.  In her free time, Violet likes swimming, making friends, and charting stories. Her goal is to be a woman of tomorrow.
  • Ananda Robie
    Civic Engagement Coordinator
    Ananda has that rare ability to get stuff done AND motivate other people to get stuff done. As our Civic Engagement Coordinator, she plays a crucial role in Invisible Children's political advocacy efforts -- namely IC|Citizen. She helps mobilize advocates across the U.S. and equips them to effectively engage their political leaders. Since joining Invisible Children's team in 2011 she has been a Roadie, a Team Leader, and a Tour Booking Assistant. Like we said, her mobilization skills are pretty sharp. Her Electronic Media and Film degree from Northern Arizona University led her to help film a documentary about infanticide practices in northern Ghana. That experience led her to apply for a position at IC and we'll be eternally grateful for, well, eternity. Finally, two things we just learned about Ananda: she has "crazy old cat lady" aspirations and she's a twin (who knew?!)
  • Saskia Rotshuizen
    Central Africa Programs Coordinator
    Saskia was born in Napa Valley, CA but grew up in Paris, France. Being fluent in French (and English and Dutch) has made her an irreplaceable member of our International Programs team (lesser-known fact: French is spoken throughout central Africa). After graduating from King’s College London with a degree in War Studies, she was an IC intern in the fall of 2012, but is now on staff working on the day-to-day efforts of our initiatives in central Africa, providing administrative support, and working on communicating the impact of our progress on the ground and updates on the LRA conflict. This smarty pants is about to become a published author as the paper she co-authored with her college professor has been accepted for publication. We’re not surprised.
  • Okello Jacob
    Before joining Invisible Children Uganda (ICU) in 2011, Jacob worked as a social worker in child protection with Gulu Support the Children Organization (GUSCO) where he gained experience establishing rapport in the community and learning good communication techniques. Like all ICU mentors, Jacob is no stranger to sacrifice, driving a motorcycle long distances, and working long hours to reach the children he mentors. Jacob's long-term dream is to become a child protection specialist. To relax, Jacob plays sports, exercises and plays gospel music using local instruments. He is also talented in Acholi traditional dancing, a pursuit he hopes to develop further. Jacob and his wife have two children, one boy and one girl.<b></b>
  • Oyado Joy Mary
    Joy is originally from Lira, Uganda, and is fluent in Luo and English. She enjoys interacting and sharing with students in her role as a counselor and advisor to Legacy Scholarship beneficiaries. Formerly, she worked in child protection where she gained experience in counseling children who have been through trauma. She plans to get a master’s in conflict transformation and peace studies in order to contribute to the transformation of war-affected northern Uganda. She already has earned a bachelor’s of arts in social sciences from Makerere University as well as a certificate in administrative law. In her free time, she enjoys playing games, reading the newspaper, singing, and dancing.<b></b>
  • Oola Benard
    In August 2012, Invisible Children Uganda (ICU) was lucky enough to gain Benard as a mentor. He has a bachelor’s degree in social work and social administration and used to be a community volunteer for World Vision, where he gained experience following up with beneficiaries and organizing community trainings. In addition, he is skilled at problem solving, guidance and counseling, interpersonal relations, and communication. He wants to be a consultant in the field of humanity, become a human rights advocate for children, women, and other disadvantaged persons, and eventually open an orphanage. For pastimes, Benard likes watching and playing football, traveling, reading novels, and watching movies. From Gulu district, Benard speaks English, Luo, Swahili and Luganda.
  • Lapat Evelyn
    Social Worker
    Lapat Evelyn joined Invisible Children Uganda (ICU) in 2011. As the full-time social worker for the Mend program, Evelyn works directly with our seamstresses, holding individual and group counseling sessions, training seminars, and performing home visits. Before joining ICU, Evelyn worked at Gulu Support the Children Organization (GUSCO), counseling LRA returnees and helping them reunite with their families. Evelyn also previously worked as a counselor for the Straight Talk Foundation in Gulu. In 2010, Evelyn graduated from Gulu University with a degree in development studies and studied social work at Nsamizi Training Institute for Social Development.<b></b>
  • Leonard Ndovia Makasi
    Logistician and Driver
    Leonard comes from the north Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He graduated with a diploma in pedagogy (the science and art of education) and has also taken courses in auto mechanics. Before joining Invisible Children, Leonard worked with Oxfam Quebec for three years as a driver and logistician. He enjoys the warm atmosphere and collaboration at the office in Dungu and plays volleyball on the weekends.
  • John Kinetu Katunda
    Finance Assistant
    John comes from Kisangani, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He graduated with a degree in Administration and Commerce. Before joining Invisible Children, John worked with a nonprofit organization called Centre d’intervention Psycho-social as a Finance Administrator. In his free time he enjoys watching soccer.
  • Dieudonné Kihalu Mbugu
    Administrative Assistant
    Dieudonné comes from Bandundu, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He graduated with a degree in Administration and Commerce. Before joining Invisible Children, Dieudonné worked with the international nonprofit COOPI as an administrative assistant. He appreciates Invisible Children's positive work environment.
  • Robert Anywar
    Programs Officer and Field Coordinator
    Robert Anywar joined Invisible Children Uganda (ICU) in 2008 and now works as the Programs Officer /Field Coordinator of ICU Pader Office. His work entails overseeing day-to-day program implementation and operations of ICU Pader team. From Amuru District, Robert speaks English and Luo. After graduating from Kyambogo University with a bachelor's degree in education, Robert worked as a primary teacher and High School teacher of History and Religious Studies for two years. He has also previously worked for Medicins Sans Frontieres in the night commuter shelter, Norwegian Refugee Council as head of volunteers and Chaford Uganda as a Program Coordinator before joining ICU as a mentor, and later on as Program Assistant. Until June 2013, he was the IC Regional Operations Officer. Outside of the office, Robert enjoys reading, keeping up with world issues, and watching soccer.
  • Okello Willy Charles
    Regional Media Officer
    Okello Willy Charles joined Invisible Children as the Radio Production Liaison Officer in 2013. It’s his job to make sure that Invisible Children’s FM and shortwave radio stations are effectively broadcasting “come home” messages to members of the LRA who want to escape. He came to us with a rich background in broadcast journalism. In Willy’s own words he is “a perfect pool player," and spends much of his time outside of Invisible Children perfecting his craft.
  • Ojungu Lameck
    Program Assistant
    Lameck has been working at Invisible Children Uganda since September 2010 to support the Livelihood program activities in Village Savings & Loan Associations (VSLA); Functional Adult Literacy; and Water, Sanitation & Hygiene. He enjoys working with the group members to help them save money and earn income through starting small businesses. Previously, he worked as a teacher for financial accounting and economics at a management and finance college, which has given him the necessary experience to teach community facilitators to handle the record keeping for the VSLA groups. He has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and is currently pursuing a postgraduate diploma in project planning and management at Uganda Management Institute. His goal is to get his master’s degree by 2014. Lameck is originally from Amolatar district and speaks English and Luo. Outside of work, Lameck enjoys playing football, watching football, and reading.
  • Annah Mason
    Social Enterprise Manager
    Annah Mason is a California girl who accidently grew up on the East Coast and currently works in Gulu managing the day-to-day operations of Mend. She holds a B.A. from Western New York’s Geneseo State University, where she studied Journalism, group dynamics, and pizza eating. Before joining IC, Annah was a writer, editor, and stylist turned non-profiteer who helped open and operate the first social enterprise retail stores offering on-the-job training to women experiencing homelessness on Los Angeles’ Skid Row. She believes that empowering women as workers, caretakers, and advocates is the key to creating lasting social and economic mobility within communities. In her spare time, she can be found reading and writing, drinking strong tea, and hiking small and not-too-strenuous mountains.
  • Owiny James
    Quality Control Assistant
    Since joining Invisible Children Uganda in August 2012, James has found a lot to love about doing quality control with the team at Mend. He says the best part of the job is the cooperation among staff, the love people have for each other, and the spirit of hard work they have to achieve their goals. Before coming to Mend, James ran a business buying and selling produce, held local leadership positions, and worked as an instructor for tailoring and garment cutting. James is from Pader district and speaks Luo, English, and some Kiswahili. The war in northern Uganda interrupted James’s studies, so now it’s his goal to see his children and younger brothers complete their education. When he’s not working with the team at Mend, you might find him reading storybooks, newspapers, or the Bible, and following his favorite programs on NTV (national television). His many talents include music, dance, drama, guidance, and counseling.
  • Cheptegei Beatrice
    Administrative Assistant
    Cheptegei Beatrice has been an administrative assistant at Invisible Children Uganda (ICU) since April 2010. She is from Kapchorwa, in eastern Uganda, and speaks Kupsabiny, Luganda, Runyankole, and English. Beatrice has a degree in secretarial studies from Makerere University and pursued a postgraduate diploma in human resource management from Uganda Management Institute (UMI). Before joining ICU, she worked at Kabojja International School as an administrative secretary. During her free time she likes listening to gospel music and learning new things through surfing the Internet.
  • Innocent Odongkara
    Administration and Operations Assistant
    Innocent started work at Invisible Children Uganda (ICU) in July 2011, where he provides administrative support to the staff in Kampala. Originally from Gulu, he speaks Luo, Swahili, English, and some Luganda. In the past, Innocent has worked as a security guard for the US Embassy, and also has IT and driving skills. He studied IT, systems management and business, and has plans for continuing his education in the future. For fun, Innocent likes playing basketball, reading, and listening to gospel music.
  • Akello Juliet
    Logistics Assistant
    Juliet joined Invisible Children Uganda in 2012 working as a Logistics Assistant with the desire to gain more knowledge and expertise. She obtained a Bachelors degree in Procurement and Logistics Management from Kyambogo University. Before joining Invisible Children Uganda, Juilet worked as a Logistics volunteer with Handicap International. Juliet is originally from Gulu and speaks Luo, English and a bit of Luganda. During her free time, she loves to dance and listen to soul music. She finds joy when a task is successfully accomplished and on time.
  • Ronald Tugume
    Finance and Compliance Manager
    Ronald Tugume joined Invisible Children Uganda in March 2013. He is from Kabale, in southwestern Uganda, and speaks English, French, Swahili, Runyankole Rukiga, and Kinyarwanda. Ronald holds a Bachelors of Business Administration from Makerere University, is an Association of Chartered Certified Accountants affiliate and currently in part of three of his Certified Internal Audit certification. Ronald previously worked at MS Action Aid in Uganda and South Sudan, as a Programme Accountant with DANIDA Human Rights and Good Governance Programme and with GOAL Uganda as the Internal Auditor/Donor Compliance Manager. He has a range of experience with financial management including reporting, accounting, donor compliance, internal audit, risk management, fraud investigations, grants management, budget proposals, monitoring, control of expenditure, designing internal control systems and developing policy guidelines. Ronald’s favorite parts of his job include systems development and capacity building of staff. He joined Invisible Children Uganda after always wanting to be part of reaching out to the needs of children in Northern Uganda. Outside work, Ronald plays football, tennis and basketball. If his schedule allowed, he would also like to find a primary school were he could teach simple mathematics.
  • Catherine Achanda
    Senior Operations Officer
    Catherine Achanda is originally from Zombo, a district in Northwestern part along the borders of Uganda and DRC. Catherine joined Invisible Children Uganda as Senior Operations Officer on July 1, 2013. She has a background in general human resources management, after graduating from Makerere University with a degree in Sociology and Linguistics in 1998. Catherine also holds a Post-graduate Diploma in Public Administration & Management of Uganda Management Institute, and MBA in Human Resources Management from Sikkim Manupal University of India. Catherine worked as an Assistant Town Clerk in Lira Local Government, and then joined Wavah Broadcasting Services Television as a Human Resources Officer. Prior to joining Invisible Children Uganda, she worked with G4S Secure Solutions as Head of Human Resources for a period of listening to music, dancing, adventurous travels and swimming.
  • Okello Christopher
    Okello Christopher has seven driving certificates and works for Invisible Children Uganda (ICU) as a Driver. He is originally from Gulu and speaks Luo and English. Previously, Christopher worked for Medair Uganda as a logistics assistant. He learned about ICU through a local radio station and appreciates ICU’s treatment of staff. Christopher loves spending time with his children.
  • Akello Agnes
    Office Assistant
    Agnes has been with Invisible Children Uganda since 2006. She is from Gulu and speaks English and Luo. For her job, she keeps the office clean and helps out wherever needed. She says that having this job has changed her life. Before coming to Invisible Children Uganda, she was a cleaner and salesperson in a pharmacy. Her hobbies include having parties and teaching her children the right way to live.
  • Ocwee Susan
    Mend Office Assistant 
    Susan has been working with ICU since 2007, where she acts as a housekeeper. Before coming to ICU, she did field work with Sun Micro finance, taking photos and visiting with their clients. Through that job, she gained skills working with local communities. Susan speaks Luo and English. One day, Susan would like to continue her studies and earn a degree in Procurement. She completed her diploma course in purchasing and supplies management in 2013. For fun, she likes making friends, listening to music and dancing.
  • Acayo Suzan
    Office Assistant
    Acayo Suzan is from Kitgum, a district in northern Uganda. She works with Invisible Children Uganda (ICU) as an Office Assistant and speaks Luo and English. Suzan completed her Ordinary Level Certificate Course in Kitgum. She and her three siblings work hard to save money and support their mother who lives in the village. She loves working with ICU and aspires to be an Administrative Assistant.
  • Georges Malamu Atibasay
    Engineer Assistant
    Georges comes from Isiro, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He graduated with a degree in construction. Before joining Invisible Children, Georges worked in the private sector as a construction engineer.
  • Okello Patrick
    Patrick, from Agago district, joined Invisible Children Uganda in June 2012 as a driver. He speaks English, Luo, and a little bit of Luganda and Kiswahili. Being a driver for more than 10 years has given him a working knowledge of the entire country, as he has become familiar with many different routes. In the future he plans to earn a diploma in procurement and logistics management. During his time off, Patrick likes to play football and netball and participate in traditional dance.
  • Ocaya Richard
    Richard, from Kitgum in northern Uganda, joined Invisible Children Uganda in April 2012. He drives and does basic maintenance for the organization’s vehicles. His plan is to work hard at his job and one day become a transport officer. For fun, he enjoys watching TV and reading the newspaper.
  • Kerali Simon Nyeko
    Kerali Simon Nyeko is a driver at Invisible Children Uganda ICU). He is from Gulu and speaks English and Luo. Simon attended Lira Technical School and, soon after, got a job with International Committee of Red Cross in Gulu. When Simon is not driving, he's watching soccer and playing pool. He is looking forward to building himself a house and, later, one for his mother.<b></b>
  • Kilara Thomas
    Kilara Thomas is originally from Gulu. He speaks Luo and English and has worked as a Driver for Invisible Children Uganda (ICU) since 2007. Thomas completed a driving course at Atiak Technical School and worked for Uganda Electricity Board before joining ICU. He finds working with ICU interesting, and he especially likes the construction projects implemented through the Schools for Schools program.
  • Oyaka Bernard Hoboma
    Stores Assistant
    Hoboma is originally from Gulu. He speaks English, Luo, Swahili, and Luganda and works as the stores assistant at Invisible Children Uganda (ICU). In 2008 he attended the Uganda Management Institute and underwent a certificate course. The next year he obtained a certificate in transport and logistics at Makere University as well as a bachelor's in developmental studies from Gulu University. Prior to working for Invisible Children Uganda, Hoboma also worked for the Norwegian Refugee Council assisting in procurement and stores. In 2010 Hoboma joined ICU after learning about the organization on the website. He had heard stories about working at ICU and knew that this was where he wanted to work. When Hoboma is not working, he likes watching soccer, especially Manchester United.
  • Akello Scovia
    Office Assistant
    A native of Awere subcounty in Pader, Scovia speaks Luo, English, and some Kiswahili. In her work with Invisible Children Uganda, she is pleased to be getting plenty of exercise while simultaneously ensuring that the office is kept clean. In the future, she plans to go back to school to obtain a certificate in either catering or tailoring.
  • Atai Annet
    Annet is from Bukedea, a district in eastern Uganda. She is a receptionist at our office in Kampala after a promotion from Office Assistant, a position she held since 2007.
  • Komakech Richard
    Komakech Richard is a driver for Invisible Children Uganda (ICU), and works primarily in the Kampala office. He is originally from Kitgum and speaks Luo, English, and Luganda. Richard attended Wandegeya Driving School in Kampala and then worked for the German Development Service as a driver. He loves the friendly atmosphere at ICU. Outside of work, Richard loves football and hopes to further his knowledge in mechanics.
  • Eric Konkwa
    Eric comes from Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He graduated with a diploma in pedagogy (the science and art of education) and has also taken courses in auto-mechanics. Before joining Invisible Children, Eric worked with the German organization AAA as a driver.