Families living in the remotest corners of central Africa face the daily threat of violence from armed groups, wildlife poachers, and other criminal networks.

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COMMUNITIES MAKING COMMUNITIES SAFER We work with communities in the border region of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, and South Sudan to end cycles of violence and reunite former child soldiers with their families.

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Crisis Mapping & Conflict Analysis

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Early Warning Network

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Local Peace Committee Development

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Escapee Support & Reunification

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Media-Based Community Sensitization

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HOW WE WORK Our community partners guide us and our values drive us.

Interconnection No person, community, or ecosystem exists in isolation. The safety and wellbeing of people are inextricably linked to the safety and wellbeing of our natural world.

Local Expertise The most effective solutions to violence and exploitation will be crafted by a diverse and collaborative community, with those most affected by injustice at the head of the table.

Resilience We are constantly evaluating, listening, correcting, and innovating. We do not fail when we change course. We fail when we are unwilling to change.

Grit We do not see challenges and setbacks as barriers to success, but as invitations to think creatively and to push forward.

Idealism We know what we are for, not just what we are against. Creating change requires the vision to see a better way, the belief that a better way is possible, and the conviction to take action.

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