Our Liberty is Bound Together

At a time when millions around the world are celebrating historic advances in “global connectivity,” entire populations in hidden corners of our world are being left behind -- and the consequences are dire.

Tens of thousands of families living in severely isolated places like central Africa face the daily threat of violence from rebel groups, wildlife poachers, and other criminal trafficking networks. Without basic protection and communications systems, these communities are disconnected from each other and the outside world. When faced with deadly violence and exploitation, they have no way to warn each other; no way to call for help. Cut off from the systems of power that decide what our world hears and how we decide what matters, the injustices that they face -- and their ideas for how to end them -- are too easily ignored.

And the violence continues.

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We Will Stop at Nothing Our mission is to end violence and exploitation facing our world’s most isolated and vulnerable communities.

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You have a role to play Together, we can build a world where everyone has the safety they deserve. Join us.

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What Guides Us These core values guide everything we do and how we do it:

Interconnection No person, community, or ecosystem exists in isolation. The safety and health of human populations are inextricably linked to the safety and health of our planet and its wildlife. None of us are truly free until even the most vulnerable communities and ecosystems among us are safe and flourishing.

Solidarity The most effective solutions to violence and exploitation will not be crafted in far-away offices by a powerful few, but by a diverse and collaborative community, with those most affected by injustice at the center.

Resilience There is no silver bullet to ending violence and exploitation. We are constantly evaluating, listening, correcting, and innovating. We do not fail when we change course. We fail when we are unwilling to change when that is what’s needed.

Grit We are not satisfied until we achieve meaningful, positive results. We do not see the challenges and ineffectiveness of the status quo as barriers to success, but as invitations to think creatively and to push forward.

Justice Everyone should have the safety and freedom to reach their full potential. When cultural norms or institutional policies view some lives as more important than others, we will hold them, and the leaders behind them, to account.

Idealism Our determination comes from knowing what we are for, and not simply what we are against. Creating a roadmap for change requires the vision to see a better way, the belief that a better way is possible, and the conviction that justice demands it.

Story We are committed to honor the stories behind the statistics of violence and exploitation. In doing so, we elevate the courage and resilience of those facing unspeakable challenges, and unleash the human capacity for empathy that has the power to change history.

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