Current Programs We know that those most impacted by violence and exploitation are the ones with the solutions to end them. That’s why we partner with dedicated community leaders on innovative programs that empower local communities to protect each other from violence, heal from trauma, and demand justice from their leaders.

Past Programs In addition to the innovative protection work we implement today, we have a strong and respected history of programs that have rallied the world in solidarity with communities targeted by Kony’s violence and have also supported thousands of children, men, and women working to rebuild their lives in the wake of LRA violence. We’re proud of all the programs we have built and supported over the last 10 years. Help us carry that legacy forward by supporting our lifesaving programs in central Africa today.

A Solid Track Record Based on more than ten years of experience working in one of the world’s most ungoverned and challenging regions, we have developed and refined a widely respected approach that focuses on the protection of vulnerable communities from violence and exploitation, elevates local solutions, and adapt in volatile and unpredictable environments.

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support imageMental Health and Psychosocial Support image

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support

Sustainable Livelihoods imageSustainable Livelihoods image

Sustainable Livelihoods

Mobile Cinema imageMobile Cinema image

Mobile Cinema

Community-based Early Warning and Response imageCommunity-based Early Warning and Response image

Community-based Early Warning and Response

Local Peace Committee Development imageLocal Peace Committee Development image

Local Peace Committee Development

Crisis Mapping & Conflict Analysis imageCrisis Mapping & Conflict Analysis image

Crisis Mapping & Conflict Analysis

Media-Based Community Sensitization imageMedia-Based Community Sensitization image

Media-Based Community Sensitization

Escapee Support & Reunification imageEscapee Support & Reunification image

Escapee Support & Reunification

Rehabilitation Projects imageRehabilitation Projects image

Rehabilitation Projects

WASH imageWASH image


Legacy Scholarship Program imageLegacy Scholarship Program image

Legacy Scholarship Program

Schools for Schools imageSchools for Schools image

Schools for Schools

Mend imageMend image


VSLA imageVSLA image


Teacher Exchange imageTeacher Exchange image

Teacher Exchange

Adult Literacy imageAdult Literacy image

Adult Literacy

Community Resilience Committees imageCommunity Resilience Committees image

Community Resilience Committees

International Events imageInternational Events image

International Events

Fourth Estate Summit imageFourth Estate Summit image

Fourth Estate Summit

Grassroots Advocacy imageGrassroots Advocacy image

Grassroots Advocacy

The Gameplan What needs to happen? A safe and thriving central Africa is possible. Communities themselves hold the keys to achieving that goal. Our role is to listen, follow their lead, and bring the expertise and ingenuity that best complements theirs.

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    We will build, expand, and improve local communication systems to ensure that every community in central Africa has access to lifesaving information and the ability to call for help when threatened with violence. We will train communities to collect and share security information and will organize regular forums for collaboration between local and international experts to develop the most effective solutions to violence and exploitation.

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    True liberty for all, including future generations, must include the protection of natural environments. Alongside local partners and international wildlife conservation experts, we will ensure communities understand the long-term economic and ecological importance of wildlife conservation and equip them to help end regional wildlife poaching and trafficking. By strengthening local conservation efforts, we will help reverse the depletion of the region’s endangered wildlife and cut off the funding streams that fuel violence against civilians.

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    We will work with the region’s most severely isolated and vulnerable communities to ensure that they are well equipped to recover from the impact of violence and break cycles of future violence. Together, we will identify each community’s unique strengths and local wisdom, and we will complement that with additional support that will enable them to better organize, foster unity, mediate conflict, heal from trauma, and plan for a hopeful future.

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