Isolated and Vulnerable

Neglected communities in places like central Africa live with the daily threat of violence from multiple armed groups. Without basic government support or communications systems, they are left completely unprotected with no way to call for help.

People aren’t the only targets. In remote and economically poor places like these, communities and criminals alike depend on the natural environment for their survival. Armed groups like the LRA terrorize communities while funding their crimes through illegal wildlife poaching and trafficking. These cycles of violence and exploitation threaten the very existence of entire communities and their ecosystems.

Going Deeper The Barriers to Safety and Peace Joseph Kony’s army continues to be the primary threat to many communities across central Africa, but they are not the only threat. In many ways, they are a symptom of much deeper problems. Our work is not only saving lives and dismantling the LRA, it is tackling the underlying challenges that prevent communities from having the safety they deserve and need to flourish.

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Isolation Many communities are cut off from life-saving protection

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Exploitation Wildlife and mineral trafficking fund more violence

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Fear & trauma

Trauma and Fear Without healing and reconciliation, communities can’t move forward

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The LRA Conflict A Brief Overview

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The Impact Behind every number is a person For almost two decades, Kony’s fighters abducted more than 60,000 children, killed tens of thousands of civilians, and caused the displacement of more than two million people in northern Uganda. After moving from Uganda into central Africa, the LRA continued to terrorize communities in DR Congo, Central African Republic, and South Sudan. Here is just a glimpse at the LRA’s impact since 2008:

1,634 Attacked

4,812 Abducted

2,328 Killed

The LRA conflict is as complex as it is devastating. To learn more, visit our resources on HISTORY, THE ARMY, and THE WARLORD behind the LRA conflict. For updated statistics on the LRA’s impact, visit our LRA Crisis Tracker project.

We want safety for all It is possible for families in central Africa to live free from violence and exploitation. To make that a reality, we’re working hand-in-hand with trusted local visionaries on innovative solutions that help communities be the central agents in their own safety and the safety of their environment. Here’s how we’re doing it:

Crisis Tracker imageCrisis Tracker image

Crisis Tracker

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Early Warning Radio Network imageEarly Warning Radio Network image

Early Warning Radio Network

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Trauma Healing and Reintegration Support imageTrauma Healing and Reintegration Support image

Trauma Healing and Reintegration Support

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Community Resilience Committees

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Grassroots Advocacy

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Peace is possible, with your help We work with incredible community leaders who have solutions to end violence and exploitation, but we need your help to turn their ideas into realities.