Once upon a time there was a girl named Nada. She worked in the Invisible Children Music Dept, perfecting the craft of keeping Kenny and Alex in line. She booked artists, engaged talent, helped put on shows and created/mastered the IC Music blog, all the while working on her own popular blog Friends With Both Arms. Did I mention she also was a Roadie and a Communications intern? It’s true. No one can ever say she’s not a multi-tasker.

Her stay at Invisible Children spanned years, and then she continued on her quest to conquer the rest of the world. Enter this phenomenal announcement: she is Etsy‘s New Community Manager in Canada. We don’t know if we’re more excited because of our love for Nada or our love for Etsy. Okay, our love for Nada.

Here is what she had to say about her time at Invisible Children on the Etsy blog:

I eventually found myself in San Diego working for an organization called Invisible Children. That experience was my first introduction into the power of community. I worked with students and musicians to help mobilize them to make an impact on a global scale. During that time I also started collecting vintage clothes and selling some on Etsy. This was more of an obsession than a hobby! There are a lot of parallels in those communities and I realized it was because people who work together and love what they do tend to succeed. That’s why I champion collaborative work — I think we all benefit through education and awareness, and that’s what Etsy is all about.

We officially offer up a HUGE congratulations on this accomplishment. Her quest to conquer the rest of the world is off to one great start.

(Photocredit: Poppyandpinecone)