When the new fall Roadies and interns arrived in San Diego at the beginning of August, we gathered to watch “Man on Wire.” The Academy Award-winning documentary follows the high-wire walker, Philippe Petit, planning and crossing the World Trade Center Towers—on a steel wire. One misstep, and you fall. And it’s a long way down.

While his face may not be instantly recognizable to the masses, after you watch this film you’ll never forget his charisma, passion and the risks he takes to follow his dream. Just weeks after the buildings’ initial opening, Petit made the walk on Aug. 7, 1974 and was arrested as soon as he reached the other side. Despite his criminal record, he became a celebrity in New York City and the world.

The documentary is definitely worth checking out. And when in doubt, below is Philippe’s TED talk where he discusses his tightrope walking adventure. You also may or may not learn a thing or two about sweet card tricks.

— Stew

(Photo Credit: AP