Nelson Mandela South Africa Sculpture

A sculpture made of 50 steel columns was built in Howick, South Africa to honor Nelson Mandela and his arrest 50 years ago for his struggle against apartheid.

“The front of the sculpture is a portrait of Mandela and has vertical bars which represent his imprisonment,” said the monument’s designer Marco Cianfanelli. “When you walk through the structure it radiates like a burst of light, which symbolizes the political uprising of many people and solidarity.”

South African President Jacob Zuma, Mr. Mandela’s grandson Mandla Mandela, and others planted trees along a pathway leading to the monument in honour of the the Nobel peace prize winner. At the foot of the trees, wooden signposts were inscribed with the words negotiator, courageous, statesman, leader, prisoner, comrade and character.

Nelson Mandela sculpture

Nelson Mandela South Africe

(Photo credit: BBCWhudat)