Schools for Schools: there’s always more to learn

Teachers practicing during the computer training.

Teachers practicing during the computer training.

Teachers from Invisible Children Uganda partner schools were given an opportunity to acquire new computer knowledge, skills and working methods through a one week computer training at Sacred Heart School. The training, conducted this week by Schools for Schools (S4S), is designed to support teachers and build their capacity to help students. Computer applications like Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint presentations, Word and internet use were the main topics of the training.

Opening presentations and graphs he created during the training, Okot Peter, a teacher of agriculture at Anaka Secondary School, tells how the training has been beneficial to him.

“My work is going to become much easier,” he says. “I am now able to produce and conduct my lessons using PowerPoint, design the class list and present graph illustrations of how my students are performing.”

By equipping teachers with this knowledge, they can use it to raise academic standards in the classroom. S4S partners with 11 schools in northern Uganda to build and renovate school structures while also improving the schools’ educational climate through career guidance and teacher training.