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Denison Witmer: “Keep Moving Brother, Keep Moving Sister”


The love we have for Denison Witmer is boundless. Essentially, he was one of the first supporters of our cause. He penned a song entitled “Little Flowers” after viewing our first documentary The Rough Cut and has been a consistent motivator throughout our times. Fifteen years into his career, Denison is preparing to release his [...] Read More

VIDEO // Saturday, Monday + Julia Spada: “The Ocean”


Back towards the rear of 2012, we featured a track by a Swedish producer named Ludvig Parment, going by Saturday, Monday, called “Headshake.” It features vocals from fellow Swede Julia Spada, and it’s a serious tune. The production is so unique, and Julia’s vocals easily flow you over the track and inspire the physical reaction [...] Read More

SoundTracking your way through life


Early on in college, becoming a music journalist was my ultimate goal. So, finding new music wasn’t just a hobby, it was a way of deconstructing and analyzing the music industry. This may or may not have led me on a journey of attending 100 concerts in various countries in 2010. Fast forward to present [...] Read More

Intern spotlight // Donor Communications

Invisible Children

Meet Monica. She’s a self-proclaimed lover of the sun, which makes living in San Diego the perfect fit. More importantly she’s also a self-proclaimed planner, which makes her the perfect fit as our Donor Communications intern. Monica and the rest of the Development team get the opportunity to individually thank and work with our donors and [...] Read More

Dan Croll: “Compliment Your Soul”


This has been much-anticipated – the next single from singer/songwriter + genre-defyer Dan Croll. He was, and still remains, one of the reasons we’re excited about music this year. His song “From Nowhere” came, pun completely intended, from nowhere and quickly drew our attention with the aggressive instrumentation and inventive music video. Our actress pal/supporter [...] Read More

Reinventing payphones


  New York City has 11,412 payphones. Depending on how you look at it, that’s 11,412 eyesores or 11,412 opportunities. If you’re like design firm Control Group and transit advertising group Titan, then you view these obsolete sidewalk stands as the latter. The firms have partnered to develop NYC I/O, a project submitted to the city of New [...] Read More

Water-generating billboard changing lives

The water generating billboard is changing opportunities for local communities

Did the University of Engineering and Design (UTEC) in Lima, Peru just change humanitarian efforts and the marketing process forever? It’s surprising that a university dedicated to innovation would use a billboard to attract talented students when the possibilities of social marketing and interactive design would probably do it way more justice. UTEC sure doesn’t agree, and for this [...] Read More

A night on the town


Would you pay 10 dollars to sleep on the street? Faktum Hotel in Gothenberg, Sweden is hoping your answer is yes. The hotel is a project of  Swedish interactive agency Forsman and Bodenfors.  Faktum is comprised of 10 different “rooms” located throughout the city – under bridges, next to a football stadium, in a park – essentially wherever a [...] Read More

VIDEO // Jake Bugg: “Seen It All”

Picture 4

Singer/songwriter Jake Bugg has quickly revealed himself as one of the most honest, evocative musicians in a while. The 18-year-old from Nottingham crafted an incredible first record that debuted straight at the top of the charts, and seeing the world begin an obsession with his music has been so enjoyable. This week, he is premiering [...] Read More

Intern spotlight // Engagement


Meet Jesse. He’s a member of our Engagement Team and he rarely forgoes the opportunity to suit up – more often than not, he’s best-dressed in the office. Credit that to his mom and the online tie borrowing club he’s a member of. But enough about the suit and tie. Let’s get down to the business [...] Read More