Uganda: Photo Friday


At around 10AM, the sewing machines come to a stop and the ladies of Mend gather outside to take tea, share stories, and even do some hair styling.

A mid-morning break for tea and hair-styling at Mend.

A mid-morning break for tea and hair-styling at Mend.

Mend improves the quality of life for women in Gulu, Uganda, who were directly affected by the LRA conflict. This social enterprise produces high-quality handbags while providing advanced training in tailoring, finance, and personal development to the women it supports. Visit to meet the seamstresses. Buy your Mend bag HERE.

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  1. orejak says:

    Both images got my attention and made me so happy at the same time. I wish all of us in this modern social media world could be able to find happiness in the most simplest things, like sewing! Woman all over the world should give it a try, i personally love it and every day I sit in front of my sewing machine and transport myself to a different zone! Once again, beautiful images of beautiful women!

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