IC’s latest project: Community Defection Committees + Mobile Cinema

Last fall we shared a bit about a workshop that was taking place at Invisible Children’s regional office in Kampala, Uganda planning the development of Community Defection Committees throughout the LRA-affected regions in central Africa. Well, since then big things have happened… We’re excited to announce that this most recent Invisible Children program is now successfully [...] Read More

Luis Moreno Ocampo visits Northern Uganda


Invisible Children Uganda welcomed Luis Moreno Ocampo, the former chief prosector of the International Criminal Court (ICC), to northern Uganda at the end of March. Ocampo, who led the indictment of Joseph Kony and his top commanders for war crimes, shared his support for helping communities heal from the trauma the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) [...] Read More

Uganda Photo Friday // best practices for boreholes


Hand-painted signs like this one are located at each of the 32 boreholes drilled with the help of Invisible Children’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene program in northern Uganda. The images depict responsible water usage and explain how to maintain the cleanliness of the water point. Water User Committees (WUC) identified by Invisible Children are made [...] Read More

Uganda Photo Friday // Newsletter shares our “voice”


Community members in Omot sub-county in northern Uganda look over the most recent issue of ”Invisible Voice.” Last year, Invisible Children’s regional office in Kampala began producing a newsletter that is shared as a newspaper insert and distributed across the region. The hope is that community members will better understand Invisible Children’s recovery and protection programs, [...] Read More

Mend // From our heart to yours

photo (3)

Last Friday, the seamstresses and staff at Mend celebrated Valentine’s Day together at the workshop. The ladies took tea together outside, as they do each day, but this time they also received personalized valentines from Mend’s social enterprise manager. It’s never hard to remember why these women inspire us through their resilience in light of [...] Read More

How Invisible Children Uganda helped LRA-affected communities gain access to clean water


A small boy ambled up the road carrying two yellow jerry cans. He approached a nearby borehole, plopping down his empty containers under the faucet. A familiar creaking sound filled the area as he began to pump, but within seconds, it was overtaken by clean water rushing into the jugs. Besides this young boy’s visit, [...] Read More

Results of #zeroLRA Fundraising Campaign

peace if possible

Many thanks Fundraisers and donors from around the world participated in #zeroLRA and raised an incredible $1,025,000 to fund lifesaving programs for victims of Joseph Kony’s atrocities. Whether you donated $20 or raised $20,000, we are forever grateful, because fundraising isn’t easy (we know). Where we ended up: We started the campaign with an initial [...] Read More

2014 kicks off with two LRA escapees in CAR

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 10.45.25 AM

Last week two individuals independently defected from Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in the Central African Republic. On January 6, a young Central African mother came out of the bush near her home community, Fodé, with her two sons who are just nine months and three years old. She was abducted by the LRA [...] Read More

The crisis in CAR becomes personal | Honoring Seth Abel Songomalet

Last week, Invisible Children posted a blog highlighting the urgent crisis unfolding in Central African Republic (CAR). With the help of our brave staff on the ground in CAR, we’ve been monitoring the situation closely, and have been working with partners in Washington to identify how we can best support the pursuit of peace and security in [...] Read More

On the Radar: December 16 – 10-year-old boy escapes Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army

The Early Warning Radio Network gives communities in DR Congo and the Central African Republic the ability to report LRA activity to one another. Twice-daily security calls of LRA movement are made through high-frequency, two-way, long-range radios. Reports are transcribed, sent to our experts on the ground, the information is cross-checked, and the data is [...] Read More