Monday Mini Mixtape: aprilONE

For the first Monday Mixtape of April I present you with some exciting discoveries. All these tracks are unique in their own way– though they all have a bit of dreaminess to them. So glide into the fresh week, and the fresh month, with some fresh tunes. 01. SIREN – I Think I Like You :: If [...] Read More

NY Times Magazine: Portraits of Reconciliation

Twenty years ago today, one of the worst human rights crises began to unfold. This week, in remembrance of the 20th Anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide, New York Times Magazine presented the powerful photoessay entitled “Portraits of Reconciliation”. // Last month, the photographer Pieter Hugo went to southern Rwanda, two decades after nearly a million people were [...] Read More

Joseph Kony Is Back In The News. Do Teenagers Still Care? A Response to NPR


Last week NPR released a story called “Kony’s Back in the News. Do Teenagers Still Care?”. NPR is a very a highly revered news outlet in the Invisible Children office. Odds are, if you walk past any of us with our headphones on, we’re listening to our favorite NPR podcast (S/O: Wait, Wait Don’t Tell [...] Read More

ON THE RADAR: LRA activity continues to surge near Nambia, DRC

Several weeks ago we reported a surge in LRA activity in Nambia-Ngbangala (aka Nambia), a village in the Haut-Uele district of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), with 11 attacks near the village between February 2-25. While the attacks seemed to subside during the last week of February and into early March, LRA activity has again spiked [...] Read More

Intern Spotlight // Engagement 2.0

Brenna and Spencer are both warm, adventurous members of Invisible Children’s spring 2014 Engagement Team- that makes them the personal voice of Invisible Children to our supporters. Pioneer woman Spencer wove her way down to southern California from her homeland Canada (she’s from Vancouver) in her faithful Honda Element, stopping along the way to camp and [...] Read More

Photo Friday // Views over Gulu


A view from above of one of the streets in Gulu, a small town in northern Uganda where Invisible Children Uganda is based. During the height of the LRA conflict, over 50,000 children commuted each night to town centers like Gulu’s due to the threat of abduction by Joseph Kony and his rebel army.

Supporter Spotlight // Optimal Performance Training

I don’t spend a lot of my time, or for that matter any of my time, perusing inspirational-gym-videos on the Internet. However, if they all turned out to be as motivating and beautiful as Optimal Performance Training‘s newest video, I would definitely need to rethink my video watching schedule. (read as: less pug videos) Enter Joey Bellus [...] Read More

Luis Moreno Ocampo visits Northern Uganda


Invisible Children Uganda welcomed Luis Moreno Ocampo, the former chief prosector of the International Criminal Court (ICC), to northern Uganda at the end of March. Ocampo, who led the indictment of Joseph Kony and his top commanders for war crimes, shared his support for helping communities heal from the trauma the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) [...] Read More

Intern spotlight // Communications

Emma Williamson. She’s the kind of person you want as a friend– smart, witty and as sharp in person as she is in cyberspace. She’s also “queen of the internet”, which makes her a perfect fit for our communications internship. The fact that she wanted to interview herself and author this blog (the idea was [...] Read More

The EU commits 2.7 million dollars to the counter-LRA mission

Last week, we received the exciting news that the Obama Administration would be strengthening its efforts to help arrest Joseph Kony and end LRA violence by contributing at least four V-22 Osprey aircraft and additional military personnel to the counter-LRA mission. In the same week, we received even more encouraging news — the European Union [...] Read More