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TED Talk Tuesdays // 100 TED Talk lessons in 5 minutes


In the 20+ years since TED was formed, the talks have given us hundreds of inspiring, life-changing videos on just about every important topic under the sun: identity, purpose, human connection, technology, and the world. TED presentations run anywhere between 5 to 25 minutes, and each one is brilliant. The problem? There’s simply too much [...] Read More

TED Talk Tuesdays // How great leaders inspire action


I love TED Talks of the self-help variety that force you to reexamine your life and then motivate you to be a better person. Simon Sinek‘s talk, “How great leaders inspire action,” falls under this category indirectly. Drawing on economical, biological, and sociological evidence, Sinek traces the simple yet profound strategies that famous leaders like MLK, [...] Read More

Invisible Children and Resolve release LRA Crisis Tracker Phase II

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 11.38.05 AM

Sometimes (read: most times) the second try is better than the first. Trust me, I’m the second born in my family. #kidding. This is especially true in the tech world – problems are fixed, new features are added. It’s a win-win. Two great examples: the iPad 2 and the recently revamped Myspace. Yeah Myspace. Trust me. Taking [...] Read More