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Invisible Children wins $5,000 via LiveCharity

Valentines day was a blast in the office this year. We exchanged Valentines, ate goodies, and won $5,000 from a livecharity contest. What a day! Livecharity is a digital advertising company that utilizes an individual’s internet preferences in order to generate revenue (In layman’s terms: it gives you better advertisements). It then donates half of that [...] Read More

CONTEST: #40Chances in 40 countries


Storytellers often find inspiration in the strangest places. For Howard G. Buffett, inspiration came during a talk at a farm-equipment store in Illinois 12 years ago. During the talk, an agriculture expert told the audience that most farmers can expect 40 growing seasons, giving them 40 chances to improve every harvest. This struck a cord [...] Read More

Calling all European supporters – exclusive LRA forum in Brussels hosted by the European Parliament


In the past we’ve been blown away by how Invisible Children supporters in Europe have rallied for peace in central Africa — from the thousands who joined the Rescue event in 2009 to the millions who pledged to help end LRA violence during KONY 2012. Now, we have an invitation to take action that is exclusively [...] Read More