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Legacy Scholarship Program // Meet Zainab Akello


There is a community in northern Uganda where, before a few months ago, few women had received university degrees. And, before now, no Muslim woman had received a university degree either. Enter Zainab Akello, a recent graduate of Kampala International University and Invisible Children’s Legacy Scholarship Program (LSP). Zainab has spent the last three years [...] Read More

Luis Moreno Ocampo visits Northern Uganda


Invisible Children Uganda welcomed Luis Moreno Ocampo, the former chief prosector of the International Criminal Court (ICC), to northern Uganda at the end of March. Ocampo, who led the indictment of Joseph Kony and his top commanders for war crimes, shared his support for helping communities heal from the trauma the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) [...] Read More

Legacy Scholarship Program // Celebrating our graduates


Okuli Wilfred grinned as he strolled side-by-side with his father Uma. Wilfred had just finished an interview with a local journalist and was now walking to join his fellow graduates of the Legacy Scholarship Program (LSP). Wilfred completed his degree in education from Gulu University earlier this year. He is a member of a group of [...] Read More

Innocent Odongo // A scholarship success story


Odongo Innocent stopped by the Invisible Children Uganda (ICU) office the other day with a note of thanks. “You really helped me. In my life, I would not have made it,” he said, expressing his appreciation for the Legacy Scholarship Program (LSP). Since joining the Legacy Scholarship Program in 2010 and later graduating from Awere [...] Read More

Meet Legacy Scholarship Program Student Okot Patrick


Okot Patrick was hiding in a tree when he heard his younger brother crying. “I wanted to shout ‘who is now disturbing my brother?’” he said. “I climbed down and started running, but I stepped on some sticks and they heard me. “ The whole compound was filled with members of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). [...] Read More

Student Success Becomes a Family Affair


Last week, while tagging along on home visits with some of the mentors from the Legacy Scholarship Program, I found that some of the students weren’t home. “Where are they?” I wondered aloud. The simple answer? Keeping busy. When students return to school at the start of February, they will have had two months to [...] Read More

Celebrate Everything // Legacy Scholarship Program Student Ocaya Jimmy


It is not difficult for Ocaya Jimmy to remember the night he was abducted by the LRA. The year was 1997 and Jimmy was 9-years-old. “They came in, broke in the house where we were at and they tortured one of my cousins seriously,” Jimmy recalls. Soon after, he was abducted along with four of [...] Read More

Celebrate Everything // Keyo Secondary School


The red-roofed buildings of Keyo Secondary School are situated high on a hill with a sweeping view of the surrounding scenery. It’s a peaceful atmosphere – making it hard to believe that the school was forced to leave its campus as a result of the LRA conflict not long ago. Keyo is a classic example [...] Read More

The importance of mentoring // Legacy Scholarship Program


Leonard Oloya was seated on a bench underneath a large jackfruit tree. His grandparents sat on either side of him and all three were engaged in conversation with Richard Mark Ochaka, Leonard’s mentor from the Legacy Scholarship Program (LSP). Just last week, one would not have found Leonard at home. Instead, he was sitting for [...] Read More

Stories from the road // Graduation party for Ugandan Roadie

Picture 7

This season, we are celebrating everything – every escape, every name, every life — and we are asking our supporters to do the same as we countdown to #zeroLRA. The Marciano family took celebrations to a whole new level when, after hosting our California Roadies at their home, they found out Proscovia, a Roadie from Uganda, [...] Read More