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Stories of the missing // Lagen Alphonse

Abductions by Joseph Kony’s rebel army have contributed to thousands of missing children throughout East and central Africa. This is a story of one still missing. It was 11 years ago when Apio Juliet Okidi last saw her cousin Afany. 19-year-old Afany, also known as Langol Cyprian or Alphonse, was abducted one evening in 2002. [...] Read More

ON THE RADAR: LRA activity continues to surge near Nambia, DRC

Several weeks ago we reported a surge in LRA activity in Nambia-Ngbangala (aka Nambia), a village in the Haut-Uele district of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), with 11 attacks near the village between February 2-25. While the attacks seemed to subside during the last week of February and into early March, LRA activity has again spiked [...] Read More

Uganda Photo Friday// Making (radio) waves


A flashback Friday to when installation began on the shortwave radio station sponsored by Invisible Children and Mega FM in northern Uganda. The project is generously funded by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation and will help “Come Home Messages” reach LRA-affected combatants still in the bush. Once the power sources are connected to the site, [...] Read More

2014 kicks off with two LRA escapees in CAR

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 10.45.25 AM

Last week two individuals independently defected from Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in the Central African Republic. On January 6, a young Central African mother came out of the bush near her home community, Fodé, with her two sons who are just nine months and three years old. She was abducted by the LRA [...] Read More

A new beginning // Otim Charles

Every child abducted by Joseph Kony’s rebel army is robbed of his childhood and a normal life — until he escapes. This is the story of a new beginning. On an afternoon in 2003, Otim Charles was 16 as he ran for his life away from LRA rebels. They caught him and took him across [...] Read More

On the Radar: December 16 – 10-year-old boy escapes Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army

The Early Warning Radio Network gives communities in DR Congo and the Central African Republic the ability to report LRA activity to one another. Twice-daily security calls of LRA movement are made through high-frequency, two-way, long-range radios. Reports are transcribed, sent to our experts on the ground, the information is cross-checked, and the data is [...] Read More

More on the recent LRA ambush in Central African Republic

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Last Friday, we shared the news that 14 LRA members were killed by the UPDF. Here is a breakdown of the events with information taken from the Daily Monitor, LRA expert Ledio Cajak, and our own Lisa Dougan. About the event: – At about 1:30 PM on Thursday, November 28th, Ugandan soldiers under the African Union Regional Task Force [...] Read More

UPDF kills top Kony commander in ambush


The following article is taken from the Daily Monitor. Our staff on the ground has verified the information stated in this article: UPDF soldiers hunting Joseph Kony in Central African Republic (CAR) have scored a huge battlefield victory after killing a top LRA commander with 13 fighters in an ambush on Thursday. The UPDF is part [...] Read More

“Let Him Return Home” // Messages from Mend


Why do we keep talking about “Come Home” messaging? Because it has proven to be the most successful tool in fostering defections from the Lord’s Resistance Army. 89% of recent LRA escapees have said that Come Home programs played a role in their peaceful surrender. Recently, some of the seamstresses at Mend mentioned the desire [...] Read More

On the Radar: November 13 – suspected LRA in DRC kidnap six people

LOCATION: GADI, DRC DATE/TIME: WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 13th AT 3 AM  INCIDENT DETAILS: An unknown number of suspected LRA abducted six people and looted twelve households. The six abductees include five men and a boy, all of whom are Congolese. Unspecified food and non-food items were looted.  The assailants spoke several languages. /// The Early Warning Radio [...] Read More