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We believe in the equal and inherent value of all human life. We believe that a worldview bound by borders is outdated and that stopping injustice anywhere is the responsibility of humanity everywhere. We call this ethos the Fourth Estate.

  • The Conference

    In 2013 Invisible Children hosted its second Fourth Estate Leadership Summit at UCLA in Los Angeles. The Summit was attended by 1500 activists and educators from 27 countries. The weekend aimed to give attendees the opportunity to meet the people, learn the skills, and gain the experiences that will help them make a difference in their own communities and around the world. Speakers include U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, former anti-apartheid activist Jay Naidoo, former head prosecutor of the ICC Luis Moreno-Ocampo, and many more.

    In August 2011 Invisible Children hosted its first Fourth Estate Conference in San Diego, California. The conference was designed for Invisible Children’s core supporters as a broad, educational conference about global justice. Young people from all over the world came together with experts in the fields of film, business, journalism, economics, and international justice to discuss the millennial generation’s role in global justice and international humanitarian efforts.

    The Worldview

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Invisible Children focuses exclusively on the LRA conflict through an integrated four-part model that addresses the problem in its entirety: immediate needs and long-term effects. Invisible Children could not exist without the consistent generosity of people who share our belief that where you live shouldn’t determine whether you live.

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