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The Legacy Scholarship Program provides merit-based scholarships and mentoring to motivated and talented secondary and university students from northern Uganda who were affected by the LRA conflict. Through increased access to secondary, university, and vocational education, as well as mentoring, the program is educating the next generation of leaders in northern Uganda.

  • Program Details

    The Legacy Scholarship Program (LSP) was founded by Invisible Children’s Regional Ambassador for East and central Africa, Jolly Grace O. Andruvile, and is managed entirely by Ugandan staff. The program provides scholarships and mentoring to secondary and vocational students from Gulu, Amuru, Nwoya, Pader, Kitgum, Lamwo, and Agago districts of northern Uganda and university students from the Acholi, Lango, West Nile, Teso, and Karamoja sub regions. Some of the greatest needs and largest gaps in development in northern Uganda can be attributed to the region’s limited access to secondary, university, and vocational education. The Legacy Scholarship Program develops the leadership and life skills capacities of promising students. Launched in 2005, the program focuses on increasing access to post-primary education and providing mentoring by Invisible Children’s trained local staff.

    Legacy Scholarship Program after schoolWho the Program Helps

    Acceptance into the program is based on a combination of two things: academic performance and level of vulnerability. Level of vulnerability includes children who are orphans, heads of their household, living with HIV/AIDS, were at one point abducted by the LRA, or girls who have children of their own.

    Once accepted into the Legacy Scholarship Program, each student receives two things:
    1. A fully-paid (tuition and fees) merit-based scholarship
    2. Mentoring from one of Invisible Children’s full-time mentors

    Program Statistics

    • 250 University students currently supported
    • 700 Secondary students currently supported
    • 831 Annual university scholarships awarded to date
    • 3,745 Annual secondary scholarships awarded to date
    • 27 Full-time mentors
    • 15 Partner secondary schools
    • 14 Partner university institutions
    • 7 Districts for secondary scholarships
    • 5 Sub-regions for university scholarships

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    How the Program Works

    Legacy Scholarship Program mentors are Ugandan community members who have joined Invisible Children’s staff. Their goal is to build personal relationships and follow up with each student. Mentors make regular visits to every student’s home and school to ensure that they receive the full support they need to succeed both personally and academically. Through this interaction, LSP mentors ensure academic accountability, encourage scholastic success, foster leadership skills, and provide career-oriented guidance for each student in the program. Mentors also serve to strengthen the parent-teacher-student relationship.

    Legacy Scholarship Program mentors receive extensive training prior to working with students and all have backgrounds in education, social work, and/or counseling. Invisible Children provides regular professional development training in areas of psychosocial support, child protection, and trauma counseling. Each mentor works with roughly 30 students.

    In 2007, Invisible Children expanded the Legacy Scholarship Program to provide university scholarships to students from northern Uganda who had successfully completed secondary school. Students who wished to receive scholarships to attend an institution of higher education needed to meet criteria of academic performance and vulnerability. Those accepted are currently receiving scholarships to pursue either a diploma or a bachelor’s degree. To ensure the success of these students at the university level, a mentor who specializes in psychosocial support assists students through any personal or academic issues that may arise.

    The Legacy Scholarship Program also has an extracurricular component that involves hands-on, student-to-student involvement. After school activities such as academic seminars, debate, and sports competitions help senior-level LSP secondary students stay focused as they continue their education.

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