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In December of 2009, the LRA killed 321 civilians in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Despite the incredible scale and brutality of the violence, the international community did not learn of the massacre until March 2010—three months later.

The LRA has abducted and killed thousands of people and the group’s movement and activities remained grossly under-reported and difficult to track. Not only did the general public and the international community have limited knowledge of the frequency of LRA attacks, but humanitarians, policy makers and security forces also faced challenges deploying services effectively because of the lack of credible data available. While NGOs and UN agencies independently report information, there had not been an effective aggregator of information to facilitate this process until 2011.

Invisible Children’s response

The LRA Crisis Tracker is a crisis-mapping social web platform that broadcasts the attacks and other activities perpetrated by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in near real time.


3,182 LRA-related incidents reported on the Crisis Tracker to date

4 out of 5 LRA incidents were not reported before the LRA Crisis Tracker

1,053,986 unique site visits to date

Invisible Children and The Resolve LRA Crisis Initiative have created a dynamic and publicly accessible mapping tool that displays up-to-date LRA data in an interactive format, allowing users to better understand the urgency of the situation. The map shows where and how the LRA is attacking and includes videos, photos, and stories of individuals affected by LRA violence. The LRA Crisis Tracker ( makes this information publicly available through a digital map, a breaking news feed, regular data-analysis reports, media documenting LRA atrocities first-hand and a mobile application.

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Reports of attacks come from Invisible Children’s Early Warning Network in addition to data sourced from the UN, local NGOs, and first-hand research by Invisible Children, The Resolve, and peer organizations. All reports are extensively vetted by our data professionals on a daily basis.

The LRA Crisis Tracker compiles reports of attacks, sent via Invisible Children’s Early Warning Network in communities across the region, which are received and aggregated from a hub in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The reports are immediately transcribed into our database, where the information is delivered to the mapping system and application.

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