Short and sweet today folks. Come and get the 11th edition of Monday Mini Mixtape. (Spotify or GrooveShark) As always, we strongly encourage you to check out each band’s sites for more music, tour dates and exclusives. Share the love.

Bison “Quill” – We love Bison.. this is their 2nd appearance on Monday MiniMixtapes.

Midi Matilda “Day Dreams” – Alex shared this and I knew it had to go on here. It’s just fun.

Races “All For You” – With an airy and raspy voice singing “Still I’d do it all for you” sets Races apart. Smooth, feel good jammers.

Alabama Shakes “Hold On” – Who’s not loving them these days?? If it’s possible to be indie folk R&B (the old kind).. the Shakes pull it off. It think Etta and Otis would be proud.

Branches “Helicopter” – Huge supporters of IC, these loving folk folks make some of the most endearing music. Honored to share them with you now.

Pop Etc “Settling Scores” – Formerly “The Morning Benders” their new selves apparently love autotune.

Caveman “My Time” – Reminds me of The Dodos.. super jammin.

Lady Danville “Kids” – MGMT Cover. Wonderful.

xxKenny, Alex & Lauren