It’s been a hot minute since we’ve made you a Monday Mini Mixtape. And now that the summer is officially coming to a close, we thought we’d bring you the best of an endless summer list of hit songs created by a few of our favorite lady singers. Because we know who really runs the world… photo-3

  01. Madi Diaz – “Tomorrow” :: Los Angeles is lucky to have had this Nashville singer take residency there recently. Madi is a long-time love of ours. This song needs a good sunset with windows rolled down on the California 101.


02. Ryn Weaver – “Promises” :: Being reminiscent of Florence and The Machine is never a bad thing. And word on the street is that she’s worked with Invisible Children favorite/ambassador Charli XCX. This song is destined to be heard and loved by a lot of people.


03. Young Summer – “Blood Love” :: Off of her debut album Siren, this DC native is on her way to something good. That is all.


04.  Katie Herzig – “Lost and Found :: A Nashville-based singer, Katie’s songs go beyond simple pop sensibilities. They leave you with a longing for something nostalgic and good. If this song doesn’t make you want to end a summer Sunday with a jump in a lake with some friends or ride on top of a Defender during an African Safari adventure, I don’t know what will.


05. Grace Mitchell – “Your Design” :: It’s not just because Grace is 16 years old and probably studying for the SATs that everyone is currently talking about her. This song is powerful and mature. Grace has a long career ahead of her, and we’ll proudly be cheering her on.