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Every pop song ever

Pop Danthology

The year 2012 is over in less than 24 hours. So let’s celebrate by watching a video with every pop song that debuted this year. DJ Daniel Kim debuts the third installment in his Pop Danthology series, which mixes together 50+ pop songs and their corresponding music videos. Enjoy.

21 reasons why Invisible Children Music is excited for 2013


[Invisible Children Music: We firmly believe that music has a necessary role in giving social movements tremendous amounts of momentum. It is a universal language, and at Invisible Children, it's important for us to be a part of that language.] 2012 has been, without argument, a huge year for new music. Lana Del Rey exploded [...] Read More

Junot Díaz // Find your dream and live it


The life of Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, activist, and professor Junot Díaz is all about discovery. Just settling into the very first pages of “Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” or his new collection of short stories “This is How You Lose Her,” you’ll become part of a world unlike your own. His characters are so real and powerful, they almost become a [...] Read More

The private lives of Insane Asylum patients

If you were committed to a psychiatric institution, unsure if you’d ever return to the life you knew before, what would you take with you? Upon closure of the Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane in upstate New York in 1995, a treasure trove of suitcases were discovered in a locked attic of the facility. [...] Read More

Design meets interaction


From afar, it may just look like a wooden structure. But the closer someone gets to it, something happens, something awakens. Soon a kaleidoscope of color comes to life behind the wooden platforms, creating Coloniatecne. Taking cues from data collection and its relationship with the invisible data networks that run cities, Bios Design Collective’s installation mimic’s the “eyes [...] Read More

Poaching meets its worst enemy

The Seeker_South Africa

In 2012, 618 rhinos have been poached in South Africa alone, almost doubling the amount killed in the region during 2010. Home to nearly 85% of Africa’s 25,000 rhinos, South Africa has become a battleground between poacher and animal. Because of their high-valued horns in Asia (at times higher than gold), Rhinos have been increasingly hunted with [...] Read More

An orchestra in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Orchestre Symphonique

Despite not being musically trained or even knowing how to read music, Armand did the unexpected. After he was laid off from his job as an airline pilot in DR Congo, he formed a classical orchestra. Residing in the chaotic capital of Kinshasa, the lay musician gathered the little resources he could muster, learned how to read music, offered [...] Read More

My latest obsession // Mae Chevrette


I’ve become obsessed. First it was Dallas Clayton (you still have a part of my heart, Dal), then it was Taylor Swift (forever and always), and now I’ve discovered Mae Chevrette. Artist, photographer, wandering road-tripper, and my new creative guru. I’ve chosen some of my favorites to share with you below, but there are so [...] Read More

FM Radio program // meet the team

Hi Ashby!

Our Come Home for the Holidays campaign is in full swing and 100% of your donations fund our “Come Home” messaging programs. One such program is FM Radios which broadcast unique messages to target LRA groups directly, encouraging them to escape and giving detailed instructions to do so safely. Several Invisible Children staff members make up the team [...] Read More

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow // photo blog

Macro snowflake

We all know that snow directly translates to schools closing, sledding, and snow man building. I love it all. But you know what I love more? The intricacies of snowflakes. Seriously. And when I saw this photo blog I honestly didn’t think it was real. It also made me want to purchase a macro lens for the Cannon [...] Read More