IC in Uganda

Legacy Scholarship Program // Meet Zainab Akello


There is a community in northern Uganda where, before a few months ago, few women had received university degrees. And, before now, no Muslim woman had received a university degree either. Enter Zainab Akello, a recent graduate of Kampala International University and Invisible Children’s Legacy Scholarship Program (LSP). Zainab has spent the last three years [...] Read More

Remembering Elijah Muchiri


The entire Invisible Children community mourns the loss of Elijah Muchiri, Head of Office for Invisible Children Uganda (ICU). Elijah passed away on March 29 in Nairobi, Kenya after a long battle with on-going health issues. When Elijah joined the ICU team in June 2012, it was not just his depth of professional experience working [...] Read More

Favorite Lessons for FAL Instructors


Invisible Children’s Livelihoods programs work directly with war-affected community members, many of whom never had the chance to receive a real education. Because of this, we create a curriculum to be shared with members of our Village Savings and Loans Associations in order to help them gain basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics. Heard [...] Read More

Stories of the missing // Lagen Alphonse

Abductions by Joseph Kony’s rebel army have contributed to thousands of missing children throughout East and central Africa. This is a story of one still missing. It was 11 years ago when Apio Juliet Okidi last saw her cousin Afany. 19-year-old Afany, also known as Langol Cyprian or Alphonse, was abducted one evening in 2002. [...] Read More

Photo Friday // Views over Gulu


A view from above of one of the streets in Gulu, a small town in northern Uganda where Invisible Children Uganda is based. During the height of the LRA conflict, over 50,000 children commuted each night to town centers like Gulu’s due to the threat of abduction by Joseph Kony and his rebel army.

Luis Moreno Ocampo visits Northern Uganda


Invisible Children Uganda welcomed Luis Moreno Ocampo, the former chief prosector of the International Criminal Court (ICC), to northern Uganda at the end of March. Ocampo, who led the indictment of Joseph Kony and his top commanders for war crimes, shared his support for helping communities heal from the trauma the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) [...] Read More

Who runs the world? Girls. // Annah Mason


Invisible Children’s San Diego headquarters is not the only place where talented and passionate women are working to bring one of Africa’s longest conflicts to an end. Many of Invisible Children’s operations in northern Uganda are spearheaded by women. These implementors and innovators ensure the continued strength of our on-the-ground programming within vulnerable communities. While [...] Read More

Legacy Scholarship Program // Celebrating our graduates


Okuli Wilfred grinned as he strolled side-by-side with his father Uma. Wilfred had just finished an interview with a local journalist and was now walking to join his fellow graduates of the Legacy Scholarship Program (LSP). Wilfred completed his degree in education from Gulu University earlier this year. He is a member of a group of [...] Read More

How WASH Works


In recognition of World Water Day, we are taking a look at our Water, Sanitation and Hygiene programs. It’s one area under the umbrella of our Livelihoods program that we are particularly proud of at Invisible Children. The Uganda Bureau of Statistics says that between 2003 and 2010, 70 percent of individuals in rural areas had [...] Read More

London Exhibition: “In Kony’s Shadow”

Along the Thames River runs a variety of London’s culture. From historic places such as Westminster Abbey and London Bridge, to a new age art scene and outlawed skate park – it is a hot spot for both tourists and locals to take a stroll. Located strategically along that walk is a small art gallery [...] Read More