Supporter Spotlight

Supporter Spotlight // Optimal Performance Training

I don’t spend a lot of my time, or for that matter any of my time, perusing inspirational-gym-videos on the Internet. However, if they all turned out to be as motivating and beautiful as Optimal Performance Training‘s newest video, I would definitely need to rethink my video watching schedule. (read as: less pug videos) Enter Joey Bellus [...] Read More

Supporter spotlight // Emily Ip

Meet Emily Ip. If a ray of sunshine somehow magically became a person, we’re convinced it would be Emily Ip. She is a mix of enthusiastic joy and endless creativity. If the world was full of Emily’s, the world would be a sunnier place. Emily is 18 years old and hails from the potato capital [...] Read More

Supporter Spotlight // Hannah Crowder

Hannah & Jed

Here at Invisible Children, we’re used to crazy. Especially when it comes to fundraising. We’ve thrown up, locked a man in a cage, and dunk tanked our CEO– all for the love of the cause. However, our supporters never cease to amaze us with all of the fearless and unusual fundraisers they plan. In 2013 [...] Read More

Supporter Spotlight // Reflections from a Roadie

Just last night, Chris Szabo, an incredible Team Heartland Roadie hit the road once again. He’s joined other members of our staff for the Your Home for the Holidays Live Tour where they’ll travel to the homes of our supporters across the country. I could say a million words describing the remarkable influence Chris has left on [...] Read More

Supporter Spotlight // Interns rally for #zeroLRA

Intern Thanksgiving

Our intern class (myself included) have spent the last 4 months creating a home away from home together here in beautiful San Diego, abode of the Invisible Children Headquarters. We managed to make a feast and have amazing conversation this past week over a unifying turkey, and a festive and undoubtedly perfect playlist. Topics of [...] Read More

Supporter Spotlight // Nick Ventura

Nick, Right

We’ve said it a lot, and we won’t apologize- Fourth Estate Leadership Summit attendees are our dream team here at Invisible Children. With #zeroLRA underway, they’ve really taken the opportunity to create innovative fundraising initiatives and our office is beyond impressed. 22 -year-old California State University student Nick Ventura is no exception. Nick put social [...] Read More

Supporter Spotlight // Scot DeDeo

Scot with his son Neil at the Reykjavik Marathon in Iceland (Neil did the 550m kid run)

“Most people run a race to see who is fastest. I run a race to see who has the most guts.” –Steve Prefontaine Ambitious doesn’t begin to describe it. After speaking to Scot DeDeo, a 33-year-old software engineer from Belmont, Massachusetts, I’m never again going to use the excuse of being too busy to commit [...] Read More

Supporter Spotlight // Lindsey Armstrong

Lindsey (middle) with our Southeast roadies

With the help of her friends and family, Lindsey Armstrong started her very own 501 (c)(3) nonprofit in 2013 and called it The Family Kitchen. This Tennessee native, while both humble and generous, is only 17 years old. Our Southeast Roadie team had the opportunity to meet with Lindsey while they held a screening at [...] Read More

Supporter Spotlight // The art of #zeroLRA


There is such complexity, vulnerability, and sometimes obscurity in being an artist, but I’ve learned the most crucial of life lessons from artists only. As they put their insides on display for the world, they manage to set themselves apart and show talent that is so raw and rare. At 24, Gustavo Garcia is already [...] Read More

Supporter Spotlight // Laura Shkouratoff


Two weeks ago was the official launch of our #zeroLRA campaign and our supporters efforts are in full swing. We are encouraging everyone to get creative with their fundraising and they are taking that message to heart – Laura Shkouratoff being no exception. This 15-year-old from Santa Clara, California has a lot of dreams…to become [...] Read More