Invisible Children runs, in large part, on the dedication and support of young people. School clubs across the country have always been huge in our efforts to fundraise and spread awareness. The community from Mount Pleasant High School (MPHS) has been a part of the Invisible Children movement for years, and Emily Spiegel, president of their Invisible Children club in 2011, was extremely influential in getting students involved. Over the years, the club has raised about $10,000 through countless fundraisers and screening events.

We are deeply saddened to hear that Emily passed away earlier this year. Our hearts go out to her family and friends at MPHS, and we are incredibly proud of her dedication to peace and social justice.


Last year’s president and vice president, Annie Garner and Mary Grace Colonna, told us about Emily’s influence at MPHS:

“Emily really got our club off the ground and raised thousands of dollars in her time as president. Emily believed highly in helping others and being involved in everything she could. She was president of the student body, a huge part of Relay for Life, and heavily involved in various other aspects of Mount Pleasant High School. Anyone who knew Emily was aware of her vibrancy and strong leadership skills that spurred everyone else to action.”

Emily’s friends and family chose to honor her memory by supporting the causes she cared about. They launched a T-shirt fundraising campaign and are donating proceeds directly to Invisible Children. The shirt features a beautiful design of Emily on the front, and a quote on the back that represents her life’s theme: “We never carry an umbrella, but prepare to walk in eternal sunshine.”

We believe Emily’s legacy will continue to inspire others, because a life dedicated to justice is the most beautiful thing in the world.


We love that Emily’s loved ones chose to honor her by supporting Invisible Children, and we encourage you to check out their campaign.