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Calling all European supporters – exclusive LRA forum in Brussels hosted by the European Parliament


In the past we’ve been blown away by how Invisible Children supporters in Europe have rallied for peace in central Africa — from the thousands who joined the Rescue event in 2009 to the millions who pledged to help end LRA violence during KONY 2012. Now, we have an invitation to take action that is exclusively [...] Read More

Sister Angélique named winner of prestigious Nansen Refugee Award

Sister Angelique

As we work tirelessly on our new #zeroLRA campaign to bring home every last abducted child soldier, woman, and fighter, we are happily sidetracked by exciting news. Our dear friend Sister Angélique Namaika has received the 2013 Nansen Refugee Award from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Since 1954, this prestigious award has been given annually [...] Read More

Invisible Children CEO Ben Keesey comments on human rights atrocities in Syria


The following is written by Invisible Children CEO Ben Keesey, as seen on The Huffington Post. The Situation in Syria Is Terrible, but What Does It Have To Do With Me? For many years, this would have been my perspective on the tragedy playing out in Syria right now. My worldview insulated my empathy from [...] Read More

The power of the pen // Malala Yousafzai’s speech at the Library of Birmingham


At the 2013 Fourth Estate Summit, Ambassador Samantha Power stated in her speech that there is one name that will “forever be synonymous with dignity and bravery.” That name is Malala Yousafzai. Now 16, Malala is an advocate for the equal rights of girls’ education in Pakistan. Until the age of 15, Pakistan had been [...] Read More

UPDATE // 96 Members of Congress commit to #zeroLRA


When we launched our latest advocacy campaign a few weeks ago, we had an ambitious goal of getting our representatives in Washington, DC to pay attention and recommit to ending the atrocities of Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). We asked them to do this by signing a letter that would be delivered [...] Read More

Ed Royce and Jim McGovern urge Obama to focus on defeating Kony


Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Ed Royce and Rep. Jim McGovern released a statement urging President Obama to remain focused on defeating Joseph Kony and the LRA. You can read an excerpt of the press release below:  Chairman Royce, Rep. McGovern Urge Obama to Focus on Defeating Kony, LRA 75 Members Join [...] Read More

Samantha Power confirmed as U.S. Ambassador to United Nations

Samantha Power

Yesterday the United States Senate confirmed Samantha Power as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations with strong bi-partisan support. Power wrote the book on ending genocide in the modern world (literally), and we’ve been fans for years. This spring, we got to sit down with her and discuss Fourth Estate Summit and international justice. We send [...] Read More

Is your member of Congress committed to #zeroLRA?


Because we’ve seen so much progress in the decrease of LRA violence in the past year, some leaders in Washington think we’ve now done enough. But enough doesn’t cut it. The mission is #zeroLRA. As we speak, these leaders are meeting to reevaluate counter-LRA operations and if those operations don’t get reinstated, we are blatantly abandoning communities in central Africa still targeted [...] Read More

Why the UN Regional Strategy on the LRA matters


This week we’re launching an urgent advocacy campaign aimed at Members of  the United States House of Representatives and U.S. President Barack Obama. After hearing word that the U.S. led counter-LRA operations were once again in jeopardy, we had no other choice but to act. We’ve come so far and to give up now, when we are [...] Read More

The true power of media


This post is about the power of media. Whether it be videos, social media platforms, or the daily news, our world operates as a product of what we see and read on a daily basis. The ubiquitous media presence plays an undeniable role in establishing the truth we subscribe to each and every day. Sitting [...] Read More