As conflict reignited between Israel and Palestine in Gaza, you, our supporters, have called on us to respond. We know this is a terrible conflict that has changed the lives of thousands of people. It is with this somber understanding that we attempt to summarize our thoughts on the conflict in Gaza.

First off, we are not experts in this field. In the case of the LRA conflict, we are able to speak so confidently and boldly about it because we have been studying this issue for a decade; but we cannot pretend to understand the nuances of other conflicts around the world. We encourage you to read from others who are experts on the Israel-Palestine conflict and form your own opinions. We are in no way taking sides nor advocating for a political agenda.

What we can say is that our liberty is bound together; this is the Fourth Estate ethos, which extends beyond the LRA conflict. The more we see each other as equals and fellow humans, the greater our chance for peace.


Conflict will always be a part of our world. But how we deal with disagreements and conflict must change. Violence is not the answer. We can see what violence does; it leaves people displaced and living in fear, and it inflames a cycle of never-ending bloodshed.

Real people – real children – are suffering on both sides of the conflict; and this understanding is integral to respecting the human dignity of all involved. No child should have to live in bomb shelters or under constant threat of bombardment. No person should have to fear going to sleep at night because of the sound of falling missiles.

We are storytellers. We are humanitarians. We care about the people behind the politics. The belief that where you live should not determine whether you live is our foundation, and this conflict is no different.

We appreciate your commitment to the value of human life everywhere. Learn more about the conflict and how social media plays a role; and donate to the International Red Cross to get involved.