This generation is changing the rules. The traditional routes of communication, influence, and authority have been reversed, and our connectedness has turned the power pyramid upside down. This generation intuitively understands that with the ability to see one another comes the responsibility to protect one other. And on April 20th, we will act on this responsibility and stand up for our friends who are suffering at the hands of international criminals of war.

The  Liberty Triangle above consists of four levels and has been turned upside down. The symbol was inspired by the 3-layer pyramid that illustrates what happened during the French Revolution.  The two smaller layers represented society’s elite, while the largest layer represented the common man.  It was that third level, or third estate as they called it, that rose up with the aim of establishing individual rights for every citizen during the revolution.

In the French Revolution the third estate fought for its own rights. But in adding a fourth layer, the largest bar, we take the next step: expanding the defense of liberty and equality to the global stage. It is more than just demanding our own rights. It is demanding the rights of others, all of us, no matter where we might live. That is the fourth estate.
This symbol represents the evolving shift of power from the few to the many. As we begin the 21st century, the democratization of information provided by the internet, specifically social media, has allowed the people of the world unprecedented access to knowledge, self publication on a global scale, and emotional connection across borders. This changes the way human beings see each other. The ‘otherness’ that has always come from distance and cultural distinction is eroding under the weight of what really unites us: our common humanity. The Liberty Triangle represents this. We are more alike than we are different. And when we have relationships with one another, we protect one another. This modern age of connection and conversation is uniting us, and it is changing the way we as a species approach global problems.