As Cover the Night is continuing around the world, we are continuing to receive reports of incredible service projects going on. As always, if you are participating, send the pictures of your projects to [email protected] so that we can share your work with everyone.

25 kids from the IC club at Auburn High School (MA) decided to "Sweep away Winter" and worked for 2 hours at school. Now they are off chalk stenciling, hanging posters, and talking to people throughout the community.

In the Netherlands, this group is doing a free car wash to serve their community.

KONY 2012 supporters volunteer at Build It Green in New York.

Sam Veatch (@sveatch3) and other KONY 2012 supporters show some love to their local fire department.

Ty, Katie, and Danny clean up Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Park clean up in Budapest, Hungary by Fruzsina Palinkas.

@diandrajenine with a brilliant service project in Geneseo, NY