All ages are participating in Cover the Night. It just goes to show that you’re never too young to create awareness. Or too cute for social activism.

KONY 2012, Arizona

Gwen in Tucson, Arizona

Ready. Set. Kony.

KONY 2012, Australia

Christina in Brisbane, Australia

KONY 2012, New York

Buffalo, New York

England, KONY 2012

Spotted in England

KONY 2012, California

9 Weeks Old in Yorba Linda, CA

North Carolina, KONY 2012

Caio in Raleigh, NC

South Africa, KONY 2012

"It is important that our kids learn that we can act for the liberty of others." Liam Covering the Night in Cape Town, South Africa

KONY 2012, Tennessee

No No Kony spotted in Tennessee

The family in Sydney Australia. Photo by Leah Unal.

KONY 2012 dress in Franklin, Tennessee

The Ryan kids are ready to go.

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