That’s soon

We have an opportunity to get President Obama and all the world leaders together to talk about stopping LRA atrocities. There’s no way we’re letting an opportunity like that pass us by.

Here’s the deal

Almost every country in the world is represented at the United Nations, and they’re all getting together in September for the UN General Assembly. We think that’s an ideal time for them to figure out how they’re going to work together to arrest Joseph Kony and end the LRA crisis.

What we’re going to do

All of us, wherever we live on this planet, are going to contact our leaders and ask them to show up at this meeting about stopping the LRA.

If you live in the United States

Reps. Jim Mcgovern (D-MA) and Ed Royce (R-CA) have already drafted a letter to President Obama, asking that he or a high-level official shows up to the meeting on the LRA when the UN General Assembly meets. We need you to call your representative and ask them to please sign that letter. The more representatives who sign on, the more powerful the letter will be when President Obama receives it. There are 435 representatives in the United States. Challenge extended.

There’s a deadline.

We are going to have to mobilize quickly because Monday is less than a week away. The letter to President Obama is going to be “closed” and delivered next Thursday, so these calls and emails have to land on Monday.

That’s the plan

We’ll give you more information as we have it. Right now we’re putting together a webpage that will walk you through what to say and how to say it.  We’ll post it on for Monday so you’ll have what you need right in front of you. For now, save the date and get your friend and family on board.