The year 2013 is just getting started, but it’s shaping up to be a big year for the staff of Invisible Children Uganda (ICU). Whether planning to buy land or become the next Olympic champion, the staff will be busy making this year an exciting one.

Here are the expectations of a handful of the ICU staff as 2013 commences:

JimmyJimmy Okumu“2013 is for starting small scale farming, build a house, and get a wife if God can provide me with one.”

Jimmy dances, plays soccer, and can fix just about anything mechanical. Single ladies, line up!

masabaMasaba Francis
“I expect a busy year that is less stressful, and of course growing a year older on 26th January, 2013.”Happy birthday, Masaba!
DoreenAkidi Doreen
“I expect this year to be a year of honesty, commitment, time management and discipline.”
Acan_JenniferAcan Jenifer Lukwiya“I expect 2013 to be a year full of happiness, with hard work on my side to make those that I work for to remain happy people.”
EstherOpade Esther
“I have a lot to thank God for, taking religion seriously by reading His word comes number one to me. I anticipate achieving last year’s resolutions that I wasn’t able to fulfill and advancing my studies. I hope to learn something new each day at work this year.”
Quinto Adonga Quint0
“I want to improve my performance at work by observing my areas of weakness. Learn something new like driving or computer. Start up small scale farming like bee keeping and goat rearing. Purchase a piece of land.”
20130111_2720 Cheptegei Beatrice“I expect to run faster than Stephen Kiprotich.”

Beatrice has promised to complete this goal by April, demonstrating her Olympic speed at the annual staff retreat. Stay tuned for video evidence.