Our donors are the most incredible people we know. The work that we do is only possible because of their generosity. Period. There aren’t really words to fully describe how much we love them, but in an attempt to articulate our feelings, here are some thoughts:

They are the Batman to our Robin, the Sherlock Holmes to our Watson, the Bert to our Ernie.
Without them, we’re just a weird young adult in a cape, a wannabe detective, and a lonely yellow muppet with a unibrow.
They are the better halves that makes us whole.

So just in case they ever doubt it, wonder, dismiss, speculate, or contemplate the impact they have made, are making, and will make, we made them a video to show our love and appreciation. And plus, it’s Valentine’s Day – the perfect day to remind those you love that your world would not be the same without them.

From all of us here at the office, Happy Valentine’s Day to our dear donors.

Get information on how to become one of our rockstar donors by going [HERE]