Earlier this month, a story ran in a Ugandan national newspaper about a promising student unable to continue his studies because his family couldn’t afford to pay for his tuition. He ranked at number one in his district, but knowing he could not pay for the much more expensive secondary education, he determined to repeat and score even higher on the Primary Leaving Exam so that he could earn a scholarship next year. He had already repeated Primary level 7 once, and improved his score dramatically.

Monitor article

Unbeknownst to Mark, Invisible Children Uganda had already shortlisted his scholarship application to the Legacy Scholarship Program (LSP) by the time the article was published. In fact, he was number one on their list of students to add to the program.

The Daily Monitor published a follow-up story, this time with the happy ending of a boy who will not be returning to primary school, but can now pack his bags and strike off for bigger and better things in secondary school.

This month, the Legacy Scholarship Program of Invisible Children Uganda awarded 119 secondary scholarships to Senior 1 students from the districts of Nwoya, Gulu, Gulu Municipal, Amuru, Pader, Agago, Kitgum and Lamwo in northern Uganda.

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