Pakistani sculptor Khalil Chishtee uses a unique medium for his work. Rather than clay, marble, or wood, Chishtee creates his life-like images using the remains of used trash bags, grocery bags, and even sheets. The result of this rare, but thought-provoking art form is a collection of stunningly realistic, three-dimensional images. Each unique sculpture shows a beautifully crafted and compelling silhouette, that seems to be unraveling from the fray of the worn plastic.

His work reminds us of what we use daily and what we oftentimes throw away without giving a second thought. In the United States alone 380 billion plastic bags are used every year. That’s roughly 1,200 bags per person annually. Chishtee’s work also serves to remind us that we are all human, despite our differences. Plastic will never quit being plastic and you and I will never stop being human.

“For the first time I have used trash or recycled bags as my medium because no matter how many times I recycle plastic, it will remain plastic only, it will not change, so why do we change after being replaced? We change names, religion, language and even emotions. Why can’t we also remain ‘human beings’ that we essentially are?”







(Photo credit:Khalil Chishtee)