KONY 2012, International Support, Action Alert, Invisible Children

Ten days ago the government in Central African Republic was overthrown by the Seleka rebels. Because of this, the mission to stop the LRA is in jeopardy (learn more here).

In these next 48 hours, governments are deciding how to respond to this event. You have done an incredible job flooding the U.S. State Department and Secretary Kerry with tweets encouraging them to remain committed to stopping LRA violence. Now our sights are set on the African Union for them to continue their counter-LRA efforts and ensure that civilians remain protected.

And that’s where you come in. Tweet @_AfricanUnion with the below copy and let’s flood the account with encouragement.

Last week the LRA released 28 women and children. In the last three years killings by the LRA have decreased 93%. To see LRA atrocities end for good, we have to stay committed and encourage our leaders to do the same.

If you’re having a Twitter-obsessed kind of day (it totally happens), you can tweet out the below additional copy too. The more the merrier.

.@_AfricanUnion Civilians in #CAR demand continued protection from Joseph Kony & #LRA Pls stay committed http://spr.ly/HandwrittenLettersFromCAR #AUstopkony

Tweet  the African Union right now, and get your friends to do the same. This is the day to make ourselves heard.