Urgent Action Required

Yesterday we told you that important conversations are happening right now about whether the counter-LRA mission will continue. Those conversations are still happening, and still need our support.

Because of you, John Kerry got a #kerrystopkony tweet every 19 seconds yesterday. It’s safe to say that he was reminded of his personal commitment to seeing Kony captured. Today he wrote an op-ed about that commitment

This morning “Joseph Kony” was trending worldwide on Twitter after the State Department announced that there would be a $5 million reward for information leading to his arrest. This is a result the Rewards for Justice program that we all worked so hard to pass through Congress last year, and we should all feel encouraged.

But at the same time, counter-LRA operations in CAR are currently suspended, potentially rendering the newly-authorized cash reward largely ineffective. Simply put, if nobody is searching, there will be no arrest and no one to reward. For that reason we have to urge Uganda, the United States, and the African Union to find a way to continue counter-LRA operations. Only then can the Rewards for Justice program be truly effective.

Now that we’ve reminded John Kerry, it’s time to remind the African Union of its commitment:

Tweet African Union

A tweet is a simple act, but 2,000 tweets with the same request don’t go unnoticed. They raise eyebrows, provoke questions, spark conversations. The counter-LRA mission must continue; LRA-affected communities in CAR have made that clear. Right now it is our job to remind our fellow human beings that they once promised to help protect civilian lives from the atrocities of the LRA and it’s time to make good.

If you don’t have Twitter, send an email to the African Union or a Facebook message

Subject: Stand by LRA mission

Dear African Union,

As you address the turmoil in Central African Republic, please stay committed to stopping Joseph Kony and the LRA while keeping civilians protected.


[your name]