American Idol alum David Archuleta has been one of the most consistent artist supporters of Invisible Children. He’s publicly worn our bracelets, performed at our events, and rallied his fans to donate to our protection initiatives in central Africa. His biggest fan community, Fans of David, came together to raise over $3,000 in the fall of 2011. We have a very strong adoration for all things Archuleta-related.

He took his IC-involvement even further with the release of his track “Broken,” which was inspired by those affected by the violence of the LRA. In this new video, David and “Broken” co-writer Jon Hunt share the story behind the song.



Back in the fall, Mary Lou of Fans of David stopped by our San Diego office to get a tour and see where all of her community’s support is going. She brought us some lovely treats from Canada (her homeland). We couldn’t thank her and the David Archuleta fan community enough for their ardent commitment to the Invisible Children cause.

“Broken” can be found on David’s album Begin. Get that on iTunes at the link [HERE].