We’re entering the final week of our Four-Part Model video series, ending with our Media programs. I sat down with our lead film editor to ask her four questions (we love themes) to get a better sense of her role in the media that Invisible Children produces.

Kathryn Lang started out as a Roadie back in 2007, and now oversees all videos created by Invisible Children. Ever heard of KONY2012? She was the lead editor for the film and literally worked 20 hours a day up until the final moment we pressed “Public” on YouTube. She’s hardworking, creative, eloquent, and thanks to her our media has reached millions. We can’t imagine life at IC without her.


What four [non-IC] films have most influenced your editing/video style?

1. Annie Hall
2. Midnight in Paris (or anything by Woody Allen, for that matter)
3. Man on Wire
4. Pride & Prejudice

What are four reasons you love working for Invisible Children?

1. I am constantly surrounded by good art, good music, good taste, and creativity. It just radiates from every wall and oozes from everyone’s pores.
2. I get to be a part of some of the most incredible storytelling you’ll find anywhere.
3. We sincerely love and care for each other here.
4. We have a little office dog with a cleft palate. His name is Cliff and it took him a while to warm up to me but we are best buddies now.

What are four things you never leave home without?

1. Healthy lunch & snacks (no one likes a hangry editor)
2. Nalgene full of water (I try to down 2 a day, it makes me feel good and helps me think clearly)
3. Yoga mat
4. My phone

What are four things you need to do before the end of today?

1. Sit down with Jedidiah and hash out a script for an upcoming (secret) video.
2. Set up interviews with potential characters for our next big film.
3. Call & chat with my husband (he is in the Navy and is training away from home during the week).
4. Finish a post for my blog.