Who runs the world? Well, according to Beyonce, it’s girls. And if that’s true, Invisible Children will soon take over. Invisible Children’s office is packed full of some of the most impactful and talented women in the field today. The women in the San Diego IC office are truly paving the way for so many other young and bright women. Here is just one among many of the kick a** female talent within these walls.


Meet Emily Wilkinson. Aside from being my personal girl crush, she’s also on staff as Invisible Children’s General Counsel and Corporate Secretary [read: she’s an attorney]. Emily brings creativity, determination, and a distinct sense of poise to the table. We’re quite fond of Emily here but we can’t tell her story as well as she can. So without further ado:

1.What do you do? Both as a career and in your free time.

As General Counsel, my job is basically to keep IC out of trouble (which is an awesome challenge because we love to take enormous risks!) As Corporate Secretary, I get to work with some of the most amazing people in the world– our Board of Directors and Advisory Council Members, who act as super-volunteers for IC.

In my free time, I love to write music, read fiction novels, devour style blogs, work on my car (a ’71 VW Karmann Ghia named Tigerlily), make amateur films with my friends, ride bikes, mentor at Clairemont High, and travel to places on my bucket list.

Emily with Tigerlily

2. How did you end up at Invisible Children?

During law school, I received a scholarship to work on a film in Cambodia. It ended up airing on PBS. After that incredible experience, I developed a belief that story has the power to change lives, and a love of working with filmmakers. I weaseled my way into IC by interning during my last year of law school, then coming on board full-time by grant writing to pay for my own salary and raise funds for the organization.

3.What is one piece of advice for young and bright women pursuing careers?

I’ll share the best piece of advice I’ve ever received– it’s from my mentor– the Chair of IC’s Board of Directors, Kari Stoever:

There’s nothing more powerful than a woman who’s found her voice. Trust it and don’t be afraid.


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