Confession: Until this summer, I was blissfully unaware of the world of motion graphics and animation. I’ve seen a few animated films (Frozen, anyone?) but that was honestly the extent of it.

What is motion graphics and animation, you ask? Well, long answer: Motion graphics is the powerful use of video footage and/or animation programing to create an illusion of motion used in films, logos, art presentations and media. Short answer: They make things move in a way that’s cooler and prettier than power point.

This summer our creative team worked tirelessly to create content that would better enhance the already powerful stories and media being presented our Fourth Estate Leadership Summit. They took a truly “Jump First, Fear Later” approach when only a month before the summit, decided to commit to creating projection mapping content for the entire conference. This included all stage aesthetics, speaker introductions, short films and even a fully choreographed dance by LXD. Our team worked tirelessly to make sure every last detail of the weekend was unforgettable.

Here is a behind the scenes look at our motion animation + design team’s amazing work: