Here at Invisible Children, we’re storytellers. This runs true to the apparel, accessories, and films that we produce. Invisible Children products tell this story; products made by the people of the region, benefiting those affected most.

Enter the silver bracelet. The silver bracelet is crafted out of a stunning white brass with a silver-plating. Modeled after traditional reed bracelets made in Uganda, this bracelet is versatile. Its simplistic design can be dressed up or down by both men and women. By wearing the silver bracelet, you’re spreading the story of restoration in LRA affected communities. And the money you’re spending is part of the rehabilitation of thousands of war-affected youth.

Through Monday, this bracelet will be 15% off. Additionally all orders over $50, including the purchase of this bracelet, will receive a free liberty triangle pin. I know the offer is too good to be true, but I couldn’t make this stuff up.  The silver bracelet is a perfect idea for any upcoming birthdays, anniversaries or graduations. (Mom, if you’re reading this, I would like one.)

At the office, this bracelet is quite a staple accessory. Here is why we love it:

Brenna: “Wearing my silver bracelet reminds me of the journey I’ve taken with Invisible children.  it has all come full circle (pun intended). Plus, the silver is very chic and can be worn with just about anything.”

Nathan: “Definitely a better gift than a Tacobell gift card. If you know how I feel about Baja Blast then you know this isn’t something I say lightly. I rock the silver bracelet daily.”

Grace: “I love that I can pair this bracelet with anything. Also, as someone with small-wrists, I love the adjustable sizing on it!”


All donations and purchases fund Invisible Children’s mission of civilian protection + the rehabilitation of children abducted by the LRA. Our protection + recovery programs focus on the futures of war-affected youth while our worldwide advocacy aims to establish long-term peace and prosperity.