Everyone loves a new Facebook friend. Ok, technically this is a Facebook like, but play along.

Today, at 3:15 PST (6:15 EST), U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power is leading a Facebook and Twitter chat (from Facebook’s headquarters) to discuss the impact people can have in their local communities.

We already love Samantha Power so we’re excited about the chance to “like” her. She pushed our buttons (in a good way) in her kick-ass closing speech at the Fourth Estate Summit, and she’s passionate about starting the conversations about global democracy and human rights that lead to action. She also knows that these conversations don’t have to happen behind closed doors and around official tables. Samantha, take it away:

Social media gives us an unprecedented means for connecting people who are taking action in one country with those in another, and for enabling us all to talk with millions of our global neighbours in real time. These should be conversations about subjects that matter- whether touching upon the most urgent needs of the moment and or about the perennial questions of how we look out for the dignity of individuals.

So, join the conversation. You can send her questions by tweeting the hashtag #WhatMatters (she’s @AmbassadorPower, by the way) or by posting on her Facebook page. Like her, tweet her, chat with her about what matters.